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Good communication is a key to success [ARCHIVED]

One tip that comes up a lot is “communicate with your buyer”. One of the biggest benefits of good communication is that it helps to build trust, especially when working with first time buyers.

Here are some ways to incorporate communication in your workflow.

  1. Drop a line to let your buyer know you got their order and will start working on it immediately.

  2. Message your buyer at the halfway mark with an update that you are working on the order and will have it to them on time.

    If you’re running late, this is a good time to give your buyer a heads up about it. Send them a message to explain why you’ll need additional time and when they can expect the order. This is a crucial message as it can help reduce conflicts as well as cancellations.

  3. When you deliver your Gig send a thank you message that also encourages them to leave feedback for your work.

    If you’re delivering late, (hopefully you already notified your buyer as per the above) on the original delivery date you should send an update letting your buyer know when the order will be delivered. This way they know that you didn’t forget about them.

    If you have any other tips for this, please feel free to share!

19 Months ago, this has been published. And still these are the golden tips for success for any seller here on fiverr.

Best way to fiverr success is no doubt communication!

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