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Good communication skills-double edged


Communication can be done using verbal, gesture or written word. Communications skills are taught in schools worldwide. This is because they are the key for a successful business transaction.

For quite a long time people have thought that communication skills are applicable only to the seller and not to the buyer. In my view, I think the sword cuts both ends. A buyer also has to communicate in a comprehendible and polite manner.

It is wise to treat others as you would like to be treated if you were in their position.


Defo. I just had a situation where the brief wasn’t clear enough so I didn’t rewrite the document as much as they had wanted. With a bit of communication it was all sorted out and finished easily!


When buyers cannot communicate I know they will not understand my messages to them.


Well said. I couldn’t agree more!


Agreed. Communication is a two-way street.


You’re absolutely right!