Good day everyone! **bows**


Looks like I finally have completed opening an account here, pheww…I hope for the best for anyone reading this :smiley:

I am new here and I am from Malaysia btw, and I would really like to become a successful designer! Everybody started somewhere right? How are you guys doin? I hope you guys are fine…teehee


Welcome , hope you good luck in your job .:grinning:emphasized text


Hi mrhamb, welcome and good luck! Persist and good things will happen.


Thanks! I might need that luck someday…who knows? Ahaha :wink:


Yup! Gotta toughen up a bit and survive in this harsh beautiful world…and slowly rise from the depths.


welcome on board :tada:


Welcome to the community, wish you a very happy freelancing life, I am from Bangladesh.
Some quick tips for you


yeahh…all aboard the train! Lets move on to the better future for us all…hahah


Alrite, got it. I try to be active and spread my name to wider audience :slight_smile:


You are quite a guy, yes, that is what I meant exactly


Welcome to community forum