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Good day everyone! New Fiverr seller here for your rendering needs!

I decided to start doing Fiverr Freelance jobs a couple of days ago! I’m soon graduating and in these difficult times, especially job searching wise, I decided to give Fiverr a shot! Any tips, tricks and feedback is welcome.

I provide 3D environment renders either photo-realistic, architectural, or stylized (fantasy, cyberpunk etc.) for video game, cover art, concept art, movies etc. I also provide photo-realistic product renders!

Below is an image to indicate what kind of services I can deliver!

I hope you all have a good day and don’t hesitate to hit me up for a chat or brainstorm session!



Keep going. your tricks is awesome.

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Thank you Imrul! I’ll do my best!

Good luck. But I don’t understand what you provide?

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you are most wellcome.

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Good day Farzeen,

I provide either 3D renders of environments, either realistic or stylized or photo realistic 3D product renders! Let me ask, did you check my profile or were you confused by the forum post? I would love to know if my Fiverr profile is unclear so I can change that!

Kind regards,