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Good day, I'm new here

Hello everyone, I’ve been told that this site is a good place to share my abilities. I am a spiritual healer. I look forward to helping many people find happiness!


welcome to the fiver.
wish you all the best

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warm welcome:sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler:

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welcome to the fiver.:bouquet:

you may do well, I’m not sure there is so much competition in that market.


This forum could definitely benefit from some healing energy. maybe do some of your work here in spare time :wink:

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My spiritual healing is already well taken care of, but I’m sure there are others who could benefit from your services. Good luck as you begin your Fiverr freelance career. You will likely get results equal to the hard work you put into it. Don’t expect easy sales, and do expect to think like a businessman/woman.

Good luck!

you never know, @jonbaas, after a few months of @optimist_mystic’s hard work and dedication this whole forum could become a place of joy and celebration! :upside_down_face:

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Nah. I am 100% confident in my own “spiritual healing”. His services would be of no use to me. However, now that you mention it, perhaps that would be a great challenge for @optimist_mystic – perhaps he/she could make it a goal of making this forum happier, more joyful, and Pleasantville all around. New sellers holding hands and singing songs of joy, rather than complaining about not having sales they didn’t earn. Veteran sellers sighing happily as we realize that sales aren’t worth it – all we need is peace.

Yeah… I welcome @optimist_mystic 's message of joy and healing. Bring on the happiness. :wink:

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of course, I was just being silly; and hopefully welcoming.

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I know. So was I. :wink:

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Hi @optimist_mystic,

Welcome to fiverr :smiley:

I hope you enjoy your time here:)


wow oh wow seriously

Wellcome to fever …I hope u will succses

Hi, you are welcomed. But have it at the back of your mind that offering your services on fiverr is a competition and you must be determined to overcome.

Hi, Welcome to fiverr, wish you the best, help as many people as you can.

Welcome to fiverr :blush::blush:

Hello… You are welcome to Fiverr…

I’m a graphic designer