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Good day to you all! What a first day

Greetings everyone!

Alex Henderson here, hoping to start building some rapport among the voiceover and vocal work community in the coming weeks.

I’ve already received two messages, but they were both immediately requesting that communication be continued outside of Fiverr. The first I declined, but when the second asked, I obliged, thinking it might be customary. Turns out the buyer was from China, and wanted to remote into my computer and use my American Indeed account to search for American developers to fill out his Chinese company. I quickly said no, but it was very odd.

Has anyone else experienced people like this? Is there anything else I can do should that situation arise again? I really hope my next message is actually about purchasing some cheap voiceover work, but who knows!


Yes, these people are scammers and are usually preying on new sellers. We all got these kinds of messages when starting out, and some of us still do from time to time.

Communication outside of Fiverr is against the Terms of Service, so you should decline, and then report and block the buyer.

BTW, welcome to Fiverr! Let us hope that the next inquiry is from a legit buyer!


Good to know that those messages drop off. Hopefully I graduate from “new seller” quickly!

I’ll go report and block both users, thanks for the heads up.