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Good deed gone bad


Well, I don’t know whether lamenting, crying, ranting etc will help. I just did not expect this. You see, I was a little idle the previous week, so I spent a lot of time here on the forum. I remember browsing from page 1 up to page 100 during that week looking for tips to improve my gigs.

An idea just came up; why not use my time compiling all this information into an ebook? I mean; most sellers rarely browse past page 10 (my assumptions). So I thought, the ebook would really help fiverr sellers, especially newbies who don’t like browsing page after page looking for tips. Additionally, including all the information in an ebook would save time, so I thought.

I went ahead and compiled the ebook (The fiverr definitive guide, so I called it) in a systematic manner from how to create and promote a gig to the art of getting repeat buyers. I even had an ebook cover designed. Sellers will really appreciate, so I thought (again, my assumptions).

Today, I made a thread about the ebook and waited patiently for appreciation comments to start rolling in.

But I was totally wrong; my assumptions were just assumptions. Instead of appreciation comments with requests to get the ebook, I received comments that I was a spammer, and a predator (eating other people’s information). Mind you, I gave credit where it deserved; that is, all the threads I copied (or rewrote) I did indicate the original authors: something like… xyz, a seller on fiverr, gives his top 6 tips to get repeat buyers…etc. So plagiarism was a big no no. In addition, the ebook had a disclaimer section where I outlined clearly that I was not the original author.

Well; do good,get mad.

I really regret ever compiling the ebook and posting a thread about it. To make matters worse, two copies of the thread, unfortunately, are available (I did not post twice but I remember previewing numerous times) and I cannot get a method of deleting them.

A good deed gone bad!!!


Hope I can have the ebook.


I believe this may be a case of " damn I wish I thought of that…" and its being reflected by the said attacks and insinuations. Don’t get me wrong on this one my friend but, perhaps this shouldn’t have been a " deed" but more of a lucrative project in which you should have advertized selling an E-book about using Fiver instead. If you went through the various information, posts, and threads picking up tid bits of information — there are ways to incorporate that into your own words/thoughts. If its not copied verbatim, its not plagiarism — thus its original work.

Just from a writer to another writer — next time… just write it in your own ways and publish, I’m quite sure those whom burned you would be anonymous buyers instead.


Remember… there is no such thing as free lunch. The food had to be prepared and physically presented for consumption some how, from the farmer that raised the crops, the shippers that transported the food, the personnel involved during its canning/wrapping/packaging, and its eventual change of hands in its sale. Its cool that someone will take their valuable time out to do something grand, but on the flip side, it sets a precedence for the rest to demand exceptional work for 0. Perform your best and sell your best — you deserve to promote your acquired skills and labor. If you want to help out, sell it at a nice affordable price. Those that don’t want to shell out 5.00 or so can always do what you did and dig through the thousands of posts and discussions… for " free".


But you did spam. Multiple posts over different and unrelated forums is considered spamming. You are NOT a victim here.

You are also, like kjblinx said, quoting others without their knowledge in a product that is just your own. And by your own, I mean a compilation of other people’s forum posts.

Oh, did you mention that part where you were ASKING FOR A TIP? Here you say you were idle but you made it seem like it took lots of time and energy that could have been used otherwise.

I think your ebook may be a good one but certainly not the way in which it was presented.