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Good Examples of Gig Videos

I’ve been searching for gigs on Fiverr that have well done gig videos.
Can you think of any?
If so, post the link to the gig below.
I think that the community could really benefit from examples.


How do you classify ‘good’?

I’ll not provide samples, but I can list some things to look for:

  • Does it actually demonstrate a sample or support the gig? (Does the video match the gig?)
  • Can the video be watched in thumbnail form?
  • Does any text that appears in-video stay on-screen long enough to read?
  • If there’s text and image, does either distract from the other?
  • If there’s a recorded voice, can it be heard and understood?
  • If there’s a live recording, is the lighting decent?
  • If it’s in slide-show style, does it follow the 5/5/5 rule of presentations?
  • If there’s music and voice, can the later be heard over the former?
  • Is any animation consistent in style?
  • Does moving 3D scroll slow enough to look at the details?

There are dozens more things to consider and it depends on the gig and category, a creators personal tastes and the target market’s tastes.

I think it also depends on the skill and ambitions of the Seller. A good slide-show will beat a poor animation any day, in my opinion.


Instead of posting those directly here… i suggest you to make custom offer.

Because making offer you can also specify requirement with time and budget. After making offer your will get multiple quote from many freelancer. and you can choose best of them. this process is great to choosing best among them.
for more follow the following link
fiverr com/pages/howtofindafreelancer

I wasn’t looking to hire someone to make a video. I wanted specific examples of gigs with well made intro videos.

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It’s completely based on opinion of course what a good video is. :grinning: thanks for the list though! Do you have any favorites?

I spend a lot of time in the “Improve My Gig” category, so I tend to see more half-baked prototypes than fully fleshed out videos. Because of this, it’s easier to spot the errors than the good stuff. I have found a few, though.

(Had to search through my comment history to find this one, and in hindsight, I missed that it’s a bit too small as a thumbnail. But at the time I was impressed.)

Edit: fixed link.


Seemingly, I can’t open the link that you shared.

I have found many of your posts on the forum helpful!
Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and learnings!

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Thank you for mentioning my video!
If you want to check the video check out my gig/profile (my gig is paused because I am overbooked and thats why it might not have worked for you)
By the way imagination7413, my gig got the Fiverr`s Choice badge, so your advices were really helpful for me!