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Good experience 4/5

First of all, have not found some post exactly about this so if there is , someone tell me…

This way, i would like to hear from all sellers , their experience about realistic and objective rating from buyers, and what to do if customer gives you less stars with no reason… Please write.

I see your last job, and its really bad. Four star for this logo is really good.

P.S Good thing is that you got 10 orders from one seller :smiley:

imgur: the simple image sharer

You missed the point, in my opinion , perfect job is when your buyer tell you : Oh that’s exactly how i wanted !!! and so on…

If you ask me if i liked this, my answer will be almost like your. Also i could mention that this is not the right pic i deliver , that the buyer uploaded wrong picture while reviewing, very bad communication skill, poor instructions and so on. But that’s not the point.

Only thing which i don’t understand is, when the thing is delivered exactly like buyer asked for( doesn’t metter if I like it or not) , why then 4/5.

About 4,5 times same buyer ( not seller as you said) orders, i don’t get your point, man wanted design , he got it that’s all.

You also have twice triple order from same buyer :smiley: