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Good Experience with fiverr! Last 3 months i complete 79 orders and also canceled 60 orders

Last 3 months I complete 79 orders and also canceled 60 orders and earn $5213 in 3 months,


Congratulations to you :cherry_blossom: I hope you will get more orders soon.

But, What is the reason behind 60 orders cancellation? :flushed:


that was out of my scope ! mean out of my work domain !

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Okay. Best of luck for your future. But for now - Stay Home ! Stay Safe !

You tooo! Sir! hope for the best

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Congratulations, that sounds huge! Wishing you even more success in the future. Stay safe, as well.

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That can’t be true. 79 orders completed and 60 cancellations in 3 months is an abysmal cancelation rate… and yet you’re a level 2 seller. The numbers don’t add up.


Wow congratulations @shahidmehmood5 which service you are providing?

You’re doing great! I can’t help wondering why you have had 60 cancellations in three months. That’s a huge amount.

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Congrats man! 60 cancellation that’s a whole lots of money brother

And I thought 3 cancellations are too much :joy:


Congratulations!! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting states @shahidmehmood5

I cancelled 45 in a day by contact CS! there was problem ! buyer try to scam with me! and posting 5$ orders in a row without replying

there was a problem with buyer! he want to scam with me! he post 45$ orders in a row ! i contact CS for cancellation

Ah, ok, that makes more sense.

Wow! Congratulation!

Yeah thats amazing news. Well done

Maria S

I think if your 60 order cancel in last 3 month out of 79 order
then its very bad.

I there is somthing is not right.

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Wow congratulations for your success.