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Good feedback but 4.3 star ratings

Hello everyone,
Today I wanna share one bad experience of a client. He purchased my logo design gig. I provided few examples to him. He said that he liked all of them. Then he requested me to send me all source files of all logos. He was totally satisfied. Provided a good feedback also but I don’t know why he gave me 4.3 star ratings. Worst experience ever! What’s the solution for this kind of experience? Can any one suggest me?



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Best solution: Forgetting about it and moving on.

Suggestion: Forget about it and move on.


Thank you so much for your suggestion :relaxed: @maitasun

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On any other platform that have a rating service 4.3 would be a great rating but fiverrs standards are very high.


Yeah I have dealt with such customers tooo…
They are VERY VERY satisfied and they write a good feedback and a 4.3 rating (MY CUSTOMER WHO DID THIS WAS NEW TO FIVERR)


Then wait for a 3 star review :wink:

4.3 stars are still very good review. For someone it might sound even more legitimate than a seller having all 5 stars.
Some people leave 4 stars for “buy again and recommend” just because people for example ordering logo only once and not thinking to come back.


Yes few new customers are like this.

Yes it’s also a good reason. Thanks for your very thoughtful answer

@eshad222 I though to check out forums. I didnt know I will find someone like me. I got two clients on fiver they were satisfied gave me good feedback but a 4 stars rating :smile: They both were new to fiver :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes most of the new sellers do like this.

Hi @eshad222
Thank you for sharing this, and it happens sometime but don’t even ask your buyer in message about the rating or anything like worst experience ever to buyer it will get you a warning and if you get this type of ratings and read the @maitasun comment,

Good Luck ahead

Thanks and welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks @delogodesign for your valuable suggestions

I also had a 4.3 star rating today and the buyer also said that he was pleased. And he said that he can’t say much as he is new to this site. What does that even mean?!

i also had 4.3 star and now i cant offering new order what should i do kindly suggest me

Trust me, 4.3 stars is a good review. 4-5 stars are not affecting your gig at all. Check Fiverr top sellers. They receive a lot of feedback less than five stars. But improve your skills learn why.

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