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Good grief. No messages from anyone, and my response rate dropped again? What's going on?!

Why did my response rate drop another 2 points to 86% and I haven’t had ANY messages from anyone? Crazy.


Have you tried reaching out to CS?

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That was plan B, and the most obvious. Just wanted to know if others were experiencing a similar issue before I “bothered” them. Thanks!

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Since it is calculated based on a 60 days period, it is possible for it to drop even when you have not received any messages.


Understood, but I respond to each and every message quickly. I’d just like to know where I errored. Is it necessary to go back and forth with “your welcome”, etc. to clients? You could go on forever if that’s the case. Last one to reply wins?

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Same problem mine was 100% now 90% and I always respond to messages and no orders for a month this site has really gone downhill.0

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No, response rate deals with your first response to a client when you are contacted. Subsequent responses do not count in the calculation.

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I found this on Fiverr’s FAQ. It might help you.

What’s The Difference Between Response Time And Response Rate?
Response Rate is the percentage of first responses to new messages that a seller sends within 24 hours. Response Time is the average amount of time in hours that it takes for a seller to send a first response.

How Does The Response Rate Indicator Work?
It tracks the percentage of first responses sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days.

For example, if you received 10 new requests in your inbox in the last 60 days and replied to 9 of them within 24 hours of receiving each one, your response rate is 90%.

Note: if you reply to the last message more than 24 hours after receiving it, your response rate will still be 90%. We recommend that sellers reply even after 24 hours.

Is Every Inbox Message Factored Into My Response Rate?
The Response Rate Indicator tracks your first response to a new message. After that first reply, the rest of the conversation isn’t tracked, although it is important to continue conversations with Buyers until a conclusion is reached.

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Posting your gig link in random forum posts is against forum rules. If you want to promote your gig you share it in My Fiverr Gigs category only.

Ok thanks for your help

I am a happy level 2 seller put all my efforts into doing a good job and seing my response rate drop like a stone. I would love to know who I’ve not responded too - that would be a good feature. I notice on this thread it mentions how many times do you respond and from what I can see if you respond thats all thats needed subsequent non responses don’t go against you.
I understand this 60 day thing but thats not enough info to help move forward - I’ve responded to everyone. Ive had my best 60 days ever on Fiverr.

Very very frustrating and consequences are my gigs dry up and I have to go to another platform.

I reached out to FIverr but was told to 60 day rule - BUT I need to know which ones I didnt get too within 24 hours. Like everyone on here I pounce on the first sniff of a job so I don’t let it go 24 hours !

I’m a bit late to this post - any updates from anyone ?

mine response rate dropped too :frowning: please help me

Fivv does obviously not NOT care about “small stuff” like that that affects sellers. If there were something that would affect THEIR $$$ intake, than you would 100% see how they will all go the extra mile to find a solution! The way those rates (not not just the response rate, also the average response time etc) are calculated is not based on solid math principles or logic obviously. Even the idea of calculating rates based on such variable parameters is not very brilliant in itself. If the previous 2 month happen to have had 31 days, boom! you get a bad rate. It you just passed February, your rate will “miraculously” increase, as February only has 28 days.

Sorry to hear - have not encountered this but definitely something CS should be able to sort out??

CS just responds by saying there’s nothing they can do because they can’t change any of the stats.

Maybe I can help some people figure out their response percentage and the 60 day rule, the way I understand it. Keep in mind that your percentage is affected by your responses on a “rollover basis” — that means that anyone you responded to 61 days ago, or longer, is no longer affecting your personal response percentage. Thus, it’s possible to lose response percentage without even having received a new message, because your ratio of non response to response was lowered because some of your “quick” responses may have moved outside of the 60 day window. I hope that makes sense and helps. As a side note, one thing that helps me is to check “unread” messages in my inbox when I have a large queue to respond to. This ensures I don’t miss any messages from down the line. I have achieved a 100% response rate, so I’m here to tell you it is possible if you remain diligent. Good luck!


What are you saying? It’s based on the previous 60 days; the length of months has nothing to do with your response time/rate.

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I’m having similar issues. Everyone has been replied to, and my average response time is one hour. I was at 90% a few days ago. I got three notifications (one was converted immediately to an order, so it tells you NOT to use the inbox to reply) and I replied to all of them. Seems like a bug in the system. That’s the only metric that is keeping me down to under a level one seller. I used to be a level two seller. Funny thing though… I’m getting more interest now then when I was a level two seller. Toss up?

Hi, I recommend replying to anything. It doesn’t tell you not to use the inbox to reply. It asks if you want to reply in the inbox or the order page. Just put something in the inbox as a response to any message.

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Please fix this response bug once forever…