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Good idea to give huge discount in exchange for honest reviews

I have a gig that I had set the price to $100 but decided to switch it to 5 dollars so I can gain some reviews. Does this strategy used often and have good results?

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Depends :slight_smile: if you stick to 100$ and you receive a bad review you won’t feel as bad as receiving a bad review for 5$ … don’t sell yourself cheap , on the long run it’s not worth it . It’s just an opinion :smile:

The wording of your post title is really misleading. If you actually offered someone a huge discount in exchange for a review (honest or not) you will likely get a warning from Fiverr. If you just lower your price in hopes that more people will buy and leave you a review, then it might be fine.


I’m hoping to get some sales. I also don’t want to break any fiverr tos. I hope what I’m doing is not against any rules

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There are two type of customer here,
One that looking for quality and understand your value, and the others just want simple task.
If you drop your to $5, you will complete with thousand of seller with same price, and people won’t be able to know wether you got more value or not.

A gig that normally costs $100 - you’re dropping to $5? That’s a really substantial drop…:eyes:

I tried to search you on fiverr, but you’re not showing up.

Curious, what type of gig are you willing to drop your price THAT much for?:no_mouth:

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Web developing, design and SEO.

Curios to know what search term you used to try to look me up

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Oh I see, well someone would sure be getting a great deal if you’re good at it! :sunglasses:

Just the username you’re using in here :slight_smile:

I also am not able to find my gig from the search

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I found you now… typed it manually into the address bar :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that has been broken for a long time. I’m sure it’s on the staff to-do list, but it’s low priority.

I still don’t see it :frowning:

as a beginner its not a bad idea , i recommend that start with 5 and when you complete lvl2 start increasing the price

Awww!! BOOO!!! :slightly_frowning_face: