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Good impression, click and view but no sale


Kindly check my gigs. My gigs getting Good impression, click and view but no sale. Any check my gigs and let me know what i do to get sale. I applying to buyer request but still.


Anyone help me here to.


me too have the same problems
still not have the first sale yet
i have talked with some buyers but nothing yet


Kindly check my Gig and share on Social media.


you can not promote here !!!
sorry can not do


You are social media guy so you can do.


You offering social media services in the gig. so i like you to clikcs on my gigs and share.


and then i will share your Gig in all social media views are guaranteed


Now i have no Money if you do a great job when i get orders i will buy your package. We both are new so we both will help each other.


Also check my gig, if there any mistake.


Be patient.Need some time,maybe several months,the first order will come.


Yes, Thankyou . Enshallah i will get soon


Your conversation is really funny


Yes, Funny. It i was in hurry so.



The same problem is to my fiverr profile too, can anyone help me in this regard?