Good Looking Girls vs Good Looking Guys


Recently several users have come clean about their profile picture. I’ve noticed more men using girl pictures than other way around.

Everyone knows about blogs that state using attractive, young women sell more. Some have said that it works.

I can’t speak for the world, but in the US, the economy depends on women spending as much or more than men. That being said, are women buyers more inclined to buy from profile pictures of attractive women?

I am not. At least I don’t think I am. I’ve never really analyzed myself.

When I see profile pictures of attractive looking men, I am enticed to at least take a peek, reverse search, look at gigs.

That being said, I’m under the impression these blogs are very biased or even go far as to say sexist!! :wink::wink:

Profile of hot girl = Success?

Interesting assumption!

Over the last week alone, I’ve come across several fake profile photo’s. In some cases it was a male and in most cases it was a female.

Because of this, Fiverr can introduce what some online communities require - a driver’s license!
By doing this, Fiverr will eliminate all the phonies using fake imagery as their own.

And, I have my logo as my profile photo and Fiverr hasn’t requested a change from me so; Why do these people use a fake image if you can use a graphic image of some sort?


I am just here for the likes… :heart:


Not everybody has a driving licence and/or a passport. In the UK, we have no photo ID identity apart from those, so might prove to be a bit difficult.

Fiverr was and is intended to be anonymous from both the sellers’ and buyers’ points of view. I don’t think I’d want to give up my privacy to the extent you’re suggesting.


I got my profile logo done by a 5r seller. I got 6 for $30 or $5 each. It’s hard to steal signature logo.

The last one I had if a cartoon of me was also done by 5r seller.

I wondered if people were more inclined to buy from attractive gals than guys (fake profile pictures).


I understand your point of view. The website I was referring to caters to “high end” clientele with a select amount of talent. With that said, I understand Fiverr is an anonymous marketplace hence the reason we’re not obligated to use our personal image.

It was a suggestion that if done properly and within their agenda - can work very well.


Let’s ask the experts :wink:


I can only speak for myself… As a Female Buyer… Looks don’t matter to me… Quality work does. But, but, but if I see a photo of a SEXY actor like Channing Tatum or a famous female Swimsuit model etc… I’ll bypass those gigs in a heartbeat! Big Bust or Chiseled Abs are not going to win the prize! I’d rather see the ‘real’ person behind the username, brand logo or avatar would suffice. Besides if I wanted to look at some yummy eye candy that’s what google is for. :wink: :yum:


I like logos and cartoons, myself.

I actually prefer the one I have now to the cartoon that I had before.

Real pictures are always nice, it adds a level of honesty to gigs.


Well, that used to be the truth. However, given the influx of sellers - and even Level 2 sellers with fake profile images, real images don’t necessarily speak to me anymore. How unfortunate.


It truly amazes me that this is still a thing.
Surely people realize that if they are looking for images of good looking men/women, it is much more productive to go to the sites which eh… specialize in providing those. Much more detailed images available there too.

In all seriousness though, I have never, and will never contact someone on Fiverr based on looks unless there is a specific need for that kind of person - eg, a female/male/teen V/O etc. I’d also prefer not to work with people who choose me based their belief that I am attractive, rather than for my ability.
When that situation arises I will let you know and probably print and frame the conversation


Oh, there are tons of level two sellers with stock and celebrity pictures.

I hired a designer who used a stock picture of an ordinary guy. Nothing about his picture screamed fake, had good gigs. I ordered and he did a fantastic job. He was really, really good. Minimum communication was required for job, so no big deal.

The only way I found out things may not be what he said, was when his internet went berzerk and he couldn’t download. The communication between us was awful.

At the end, he once again did fantastic job.


Since you bring it up.

Sellers that use picture of kids really creep me out. I mean it literally screams (you know what).

I’m not talking about real kids. I know there are 13 year olds here with parents monitoring such as voiceovers.

I’m talking about those that use a teenagers or even ones with like a 5 year old girl, that I saw once. What kind of a ####### want to order from a 5 year old?? Creepy, creepy, creepy.


It’s not that people are “looking” for those images, as you’ve stated you can go elsewhere for that. What these people assume is that because they have a good looking male/female that would attract prospective clients. It’s silent psychology. Some people would make their purchase because of the gig image without even realizing that it was because of the profile photo.


I think sometimes people don’t think about what they use. I have friends who use pictures of their kids on their FB profile and I imagine some use them here too. Obviously it isn’t the best idea but I doubt the sellers themselves are being creepy :smiley:

@thecreativeguys I do get the concept and any time I go to any activity which is aimed at men I am aware of the presence of buxom blondes trying to sell me things that I honestly cannot remember 10 mins later (the things, not the blondes), I just sincerely doubt the effectiveness of a small image in attracting clients for anything except video testimonials and some of the fun and lifestyle gigs.


IMHO a profile pic or image or whatever only gets you a look.
If your profile is crap, then you don’t get the sale.
It reeks of desperation to me and you can smell it on some sellers.
I’m no more influenced by an image, than I am by the seller’s name. Its the content of the profile that matters.
How does one’s profile pic tell me ANYTHING about how good (or not in some cases) the seller is?
Clickbait is used all the time to get hits and maybe thats what some sellers want, but if I click on your profile because I’m looking for a service you offer and it is determined (by me) that you are falsely representing yourself with a stock image of a supermodel from Sri Lanka, then not only do you lose a sale, but all future potential sales from me and as a bonus you get a message from me telling you that I found your image on or some other site.
If a buyer clicks on a profile with the intent to buy based on the looks of the pic, then that says as much about the buyer as it does the seller. (mic drop)


I’m here for reading comments :joy::joy::joy:


I did my logo but those are not my hands playing piano :stuck_out_tongue: should I use girl hands next time?


So many people acting high and mighty, tsk tsk.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Having a good pic is bound to get more sales. If anyone thinks looks don’t matter when it comes to selling better then it’s your opinion and I respect it - it’s wrong - but I still respect it.
When you go to buy a light novel you don’t open it and read the first chapter, you decide by looking at the cover.
Well, this is all I’ll say on this matter.


Yes, but sellers are not books, they are people. I treat people in a different way to how I treat books.
For example, I have never put a person under a table leg to fix a wonky table.