Good Morning- All My Dear Colleagues at Fiverr


I am a completely new user at Fiverr with no experience and no knowledge regarding how it works, how its community accepts its kind. I don’t know how you earn your first order and I am just trying since last 3 days to earn myself an order so that I can say, Yes! I too belong to Fiverr. Please drop your valuable suggestions and experiences so that I can join hands with you all in the future as well.



Good morning to you, but here it is evening.

This post has a video from Miss Dixie that explains a lot.

Go to the help and education center for new sellers here:

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service so you will always do the right thing and stay out of trouble.

Finally, if you use the :mag: in the upper right-hand corner you can search for: “How to get my first order.” and a multitude of threads will show up for you to read through to find the information you are seeking.

Good Luck! :dizzy:


Welcome to fiverr and follow the suggestion what other seller says fiverr community plus if you go to the selling option and then buyer request. You will see list of request from buyers. You can send them your offer there.


There are a lot of valuable tips at the Tips for Sellers section of the forum! Welcome to Fiverr! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for wishing


Welcome to fiverr. Use buyers request section i believe that really helps. Provide relevant information to buyer looking for something.

Provide ethical services, be honest, you will grow i am sure. Do you best. Love fiverr.