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Good morning guys

hii, i am new person in fiver i am write story book poem article essay cook book etc plz help me how to get some order and promote my gig


Can you write? It doesn’t seem so. Who is gonna purchase a person who does so many typos? For example “hii” should be “Hi” or “Hello”. “i am write” should be “I write”. Correct your gig description and images. And prove your skills.


Good morning too. Welcome to the Forum

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I am sorry, but there’s no easy way to put this, so I am gonna just come out and say it. You lack the requisite English language skills to be a writer of English articles/books. Your profile description, as well as your gig description, is filled with innumerable grammatical errors. It’s also against Fiverr’s rules to offer essay writing services.

You might find greater success if you choose to write in your native language.


Hello and welcome @afreen150. Even though your grammar isn’t perfect, you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. Do what you love most and if poem writing is your passion, go ahead and write your beautiful poems. Remember nobody is perfect and even writers can make mistakes too. Enjoy the Fiverr community and welcome. Kind regards, Humba