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Good Names For my Fiverr Logo

Hey! I am getting a logo done for my fiverr gig covers. I need good logo name ideas though. I offer ad video making, graphic design, writing, and data entry, so I thought “Brenna’s Business Tools” would be good but I don’t know. Would something else be better? Maybe “Designs By Brenna”? I honestly don’t know lol. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Designs by Brenna sounds fine, but “designs by so-and-so” is something we see and hear
quite often. I can’t come up with anything catchy at the moment, but Brenna’s Business Tools sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Brenna’s Best
Brenna’s Creative Shop
Brenna’s Creative Productions
:- )

So will play the other side of it here. While “Designs by…” might be overused, it still speaks to what you do. “Business Tools” is a bit too broad. That could mean anything. A good branding is catchy as mentioned previously, but also gives the buyer an immediate knowledge of exactly what you do and can offer the buyer. Think names that include “creative” or “studio”.