Good News ! . After new level system you have more chance to win projects


Hi Fiverr Community :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
That is good news for all of those who maintain their ratings and qualify for the second level in the new Fiverr level system.
Almost more than 40% of second level account is demoted to Level one or New seller after 15 January. So Now the competitions between gigs decrease as before. So its time do work hard on your gigs and provide best services so that can dominate on other

Please share your suggestion about new Fiverr level system


Awsome but for new one :kissing:
they should work more hard than that Now


This is not “Site Suggestion” so I moved it to an appropriate category.

As a note: How is this good news? Frequent/Regular buyers are going to buy from their regular sellers. I don’t care about a seller’s level, if they are good at what they do and I’ve bought from them before, I will still buy from them.

Anyone can get demoted or promoted on a monthly basis. You can go from Level 2 to TRS this month then go back to Level 2 next month, then to level 1 the following month. Something simple as multiple cancellations - which can be beyond a seller’s control - can send you :arrow_double_down: a level.

I wouldn’t celebrate other people’s heartache.


Yes totally agree with gina_riley2 … As per the new level system to maintain the statistic, 100% control is not beyond under the sellers behavior. There for is any buyer need to purchase any digital services its good to concentrate on who is better in what they do, rather than concentrate on the level.

Now what happened is most of the professional (Top rated) sellers are in level 1 and 2.


this is totally discusting topic “are there any good news”???


You seem to be gaining a great deal of pleasure from other sellers’ misfortune. Not very nice.

There’s a saying that I always try to remember ‘be nice to people on the way up because you’ll meet them on the way down’.

It could be you (I hope not) next month saying you’ve been demoted because of something outwith your control. Have a bit of sympathy for other forum users please - gloating isn’t pleasant.

I think you may be trying to ‘dominate’ by yourself - good luck.


Yes. there are some good news.

A few folks went from Level 2 to TRS and other level ups happened as well.


But Actually, if you know how a Fiverr search gigs works and how its relationship with the level system. Then you can find it a good news for those how to maintain their level 2 .


I am not demoted and a level 2 seller.
But I am not getting new orders after 15th Jan:thinking:


I am not saying that everyone gets orders. but as competition decrease between gigs search. then most probably you have more chance to come up in search results . and you can win more projects


The 15th of January was only three days ago. Could it be that you are impatient?

What are you doing to market and promote your gigs?


But promotion to TRS isn’t automatic, so what’s the reward for a level 2 who works his ass off to meet Fiverr’s requirements?

I think that with the existence of Fiverr Pro means promotion to level 3 (TRS) should be automatic. Otherwise, what’s the point? You work your ass off and get nothing in return.