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GOOD news, BUYER's confession!

My buyer felt sorry for the mistake that he did on the time of giving feedback and confessed that on the next review. Now I am feeling much relaxed though it will take some days to back on the track. Pray for me.Thanks.


Good luck and love for you


Thanks a lot dear…

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Thanks boss …:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Happy to hear that! For future reference, I would avoid speaking to buyers about ratings in any capacity. Asking for feedback is something fiverr comes down really hard on, so much so that sometimes even mentioning feedback to a buyer can get you in hot water. Just fyi :slight_smile:


Will be concerned for that! This time it was all from the buyer side,I didn’t ask about anything. ,:slightly_smiling_face:

Good Luck Bro! Have a successful life.

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I had a buyer recently put “Thank you Tess” in a review.

That’s the name of another seller.


Thanks a lot brother!

Didn’t get your comment? Can you explain more?