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Good old times rant and how much money would you like to make on Fiverr?


Another thread with the same title. :slight_smile: Lately, I don’t follow forum too much anymore as 80% of threads are just whining about people not getting orders and asking for advice (including same logical answers every time). I really miss great and deep discussions with @paulmaplesden and others… Well enough with my rant.

Back to the thread, this one for real - How much money would you like to make on Fiverr and how much have you wished for when you joined? I know that there is no definitive answer as everyone wants to make as much as possible, but what is your next goal in like 5 years? (As a lot of sellers don’t want to disclose numbers, feel free to write in percentage. :slight_smile:)

For me, at the start of my career, I didn’t really expect much, I just wanted a few bucks to pay for Adobe CC every month (so I could learn and get experience). Now my next goal is 20k per year, which would allow me to establish my own company and everything that comes with it.

Looking forward to your answers. :slight_smile:


I would take Fiverr out of this question. As I’ve said in other threads, Fiverr is just a platform to get leads. I wouldn’t set a goal for it, otherwise you forget what really matters and you start to limit yourself.

Before I started as a freelancer I had 3 goals

  • Do what I like. (I didn’t enjoy corporate 9-5 work)
  • Make enough to support myself and my family (I had no fixed amount, but I’m glad that I’m now actually making more than I did at my 9-5 job)
  • Get more free time to spend with my family & friends (Time is the only thing I can’t get enough and I’m still working on it. Trying to hit 30h/week this year)

I used Fiverr as one of the platforms to get my freelancing business going and of course I knew how much I need to make to cover my bills, but I never really thought about a number that was linked to any platform.


I agree. It seems we have quite a similar goals. :slight_smile: I didn’t want to bring other platforms into the equation, but yes I totally agree we shouldn’t limit ourselfs only to one source of income. I’m also working on one another platform (just started lately) and when I establish some kind of business there I’m planning on one more (that’s for near future). 20k is at the moment my minimum that I could stop thinking about 9-5 job.