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Good or bad idea to launch a voiceover gig with a 1-day delivery?

Good or bad idea to launch a voiceover gig with a 1-day delivery?

Kind of wanted to do it for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it as I got side-tracked with some other stuff. The issue isn’t in regards to if it would be easy to delivery in one day. The question is, for those of you that do voiceovers do you generally seem to get more orders with a very quick delivery time, or it doesn’t seem to matter all too much? I know with my other gigs when I reduce them to 1-day delivery I tend to get bulk amounts of orders, i’m just not all that familiar with the voiceover market on Fiverr. Any input? Anything, really. Even tips on maybe a unique focus or something that buyers seem to be looking for would be helpful.


I think the biggest issue for a buyer of voice-over services here on Fiverr is the quality. If you can prove that your voice-overs have as much quality and professional level sound as other longer gigs, then I’d say give it a try. However, if you need time for quality work, never rush yourself beyond your quality capabilities.

If it was me asking this question, I would set a time-frame of a few days. You never know what might come up in life outside your work, that could get in the way of a 24-hour production schedule. I’d go with three days at the least. That leaves you a buffer if something unavoidable comes up, that keeps a client happy (as you run less of a risk of exceeding the deadline), and that takes the stress off the times when you might have 20 voice-over clients all wanting their voice recordings completed in 24 hours.

Reply to @jonbaas: Yeah I am worried that simply due to the sheer volume of competition anything above about 1 to 2 days may never actually be seen by buyers simply due to the way Fiverr tends to rank stuff. I’m thinking initially to start it out at 1-day delivery just to build up some actual feedback/examples and increase the days as I go. I figure I start with a basic 1-day delivery to attract buyers, but for each extra like longer length and customization the delivery time would increase. Kind of would balance itself out I would think. I have close to 4+ years of very relevant experience elsewhere, so I am sure I can easily handle pretty much what most buyers would throw at me! I kind of put a pretty unique spin on some of my gigs. In fact, in my opinion for a few of the things I offer not a single other person on Fiverr offers them. At least, not in the style I provide.

Dry run voiceovers for $4 a pop wouldn’t take me much time honestly especially if I keep the length rather short and run it through a few filters to make sure that only the voice is picked up and quality enhanced. Even with bulk orders I wouldn’t be too worried.

Thanks for your input!

You’re welcome. It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought. I admire that! I, myself am a professional actor/voice actor (although I have not yet added any such acting gigs to Fiverr), so I can honestly say… I understand your concern.

I’m glad to see that you’re putting a unique spin on your voice-over gigs. That’s definitely the way to do it. Sadly, though, voice-overs are one of the most saturated markets here on Fiverr – and not everyone appears to be as trained in the art as they claim. :wink:

Reply to @jonbaas: Well I guess you shouldn’t expect high-end voice-over work for $5. I don’t think I am “top of the line” when it comes to voice-overs, but when i’m only charging $5 when I have worked with businesses in regards to SEO that are charging over $100(just for a dry run!), I feel i’m definitely giving the potential buyer a good deal as it is. I’m an SEO guy, i’m sure I can get unique niche’ exposure where a lot of individuals don’t even think to focus.

The way I think of it is, the buyer knows what they’re getting as long as samples are provided so the buyer shouldn’t expect more than what the samples provide. I’m not going to claim i’m a pro, i’m just going to state it as it is and they can listen to my samples and determine for themselves if I am an ideal fit.

I’m actually starring in some “tech tutorials” from one person that ordered a pretty bulk amount of work from me. They certainly liked my work but that was a mix of video and audio! haha, at that point I realized video was too much work for me. Audio was the fairly easy aspect so we’ll see how that goes. I have had success with all my other main focus gigs(Not so much a few of my “experimental” ones though, unfortunately.) so I am sure this one will work out as well.

Yeah, and that over saturation in the end is why I decided to delay it until I can come up with a unique enough approach which i’m finally closing in on. I’m also very aware of how Fiverr’s indexing works after lots of trial and error experimenting soo I have a good bit of an advantage.

You never know until you try. :slight_smile: Produce as high a quality voice-over as you can, and let the buyer decide how far the recording can take them (meaning, hopefully you can secure a repeat buyer for future voice-over work!). Good luck!

Reply to @jonbaas: We’ll see what happens. Thanks!

Reply to @freelancemm:

You’re welcome!

Reply to @jonbaas: Actually just finished editing the video I made a few months back(Yeah, kind of been delaying it.) and it’s all ready. Just have keyword research left to do for an ideal and unique title, and then to determine what is actually a fair amount of time investment. Already have the extras in mind, :slight_smile:

I do voiceovers up to 300 words on a 1- day turnaround at the the end of the month, but I’m in the studio most of my days, so I’m always recording on/off fiverr.
Quality does become an issue if you get into the “churn and burn” mindset. As freelancemm stated quality is more important that turn-around time. An educated buyer will wait for a quality voiceover AND become a repeat-buyer, whereas a some buyers just need a voice fast.
Good luck.

What if you get all sick and your voice sounds like the Loch Ness monster on crack withdrawal?

I’m a writer so I’m approaching this with a different mindset, but I’d always recommend a buffer of 3-5 days…

Eh, unfortunately it never really took off. I don’t offer the best quality of voice-overs but if I am pricing it at $5 when I know other places that sell them for over $100 I feel it’s a fair price, especially with a 1-day delivery. Not quite sure why it doesn’t sell at all(I’m figuring because it’s an incredibly overly saturated market and buyers expect near perfection for $5 in voice-overs, apparently.) but i’m not too worried as it wasn’t really a focus gig but more experimental. Ultimately I set my gigs for 24-hour delivery temporarily and after building up enough feedback and exposure with recurring sales I raise the delivery time. I do like to keep it at 24 hours for some more simplistic gigs with just a mutual cancellation and 90% of the time they usually accept without hesitation if there was some sort of misunderstanding so all good.

What I do when i’m not feeling well is just simply increase the delivery time of my gigs to a much longer time-frame. Oddly enough changing delivery time so drastically doesn’t seem to effect ranking much for gigs that are already ranking but does seem to prevent new gigs from getting indexed properly.

Yes do them in 1 day. This will build up some business rapidly. Just make them great. I’ve heard a few where someone is just reading something in a monotone and they sound awful so there is a huge difference between professional and non professional.