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Good or bad? Need Suggestions

Hi there,

So these are the analytics of my gigs. Do you think my gigs are doing fine? But the problem is I am not generating orders. Many of my friends told me its due to my gigs being a bit priced. But I do not want to reduce price as the work that I do consumes a lot of time and it has tons of details. Even though the price that I have put up on my gig is actually underpaid for the work we do. I have no idea how people on fiverr are providing these services for only $5.

If you have any suggestions please do let me know.

Thank you


Duplicate gigs are against the ToS.
Unlimited revisions are also risky, even if they’re only in your premium package.

I’ve gathered a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section at the end of this post, maybe something there can help:


The analytics doesn’t look very good - try to work on tags, to work with buyers requests and find your orders there. And remember - you can only send 10 requests per day

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I think that the impressions are already quite good. So right now, the issues are not the tags.

Unfortunately I also see an issue with the price.

The issue is, that you don’t have many ratings on the gigs yet, and it is tough for buyers to book a high priced order from someone who doesn’t have many ratings.
They’d be taking a risk for a huge amount - while for a much lower amount it wouldn’t hurt so much to take a risk with a new seller.
Also fiverr is still a market - supply and demand determine the prices.

I hope this somehow explains the issue - you’d probably have to take some small orders for 5$ to get some ratings, and then work your way up.

I just also recently increased my prices when I had about 35 reviews. At the beginning the time investment is much bigger than the rewards you are receiving. For some orders I had 2 hours of work for 5 dollars at the beginning. But I got the chance to prove myself as a good seller and received a great rating. All while buyers were keen to try out my gigs, since they didn’t risk a huge amount of money.

But, if you don’t want to change your prices, which I fully understand also, then you just have to be patient. It will be a slower progress but I am sure there will be orders for you in the future


$100 is not “a huge amount” for professional 3D modelling and renders, it’s actually quite low. There are services where you can start at $5, there are services where that just isn’t the case. I think it’s just a matter of time, his field simply does not get the exposure or demand that other fields do (like logo design or writing, for example), so I think it’s quite smart to go for low volume and high price. It will take some time, but judging by the reviews and quality of the samples he will get there. He already has 4 reviews in 2 months, at a base price of $100, so that’s at least 200 per month on a brand new account, that’s already much better than what the average new user selling for $5 makes.

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Thank you. You have provided some excellent points. I appreciate your help

Thank you, constantly working on making myself better

I absolutely understand what you are saying. But the thing is fiverr is not my prime workspace. It is more like a side hustle. And so I do not want to spend 9-10 hours doing a project here and then only earn $5. That is why I have provided standard pricing to my gig. So that even if I do 2-3 projects in a month, it can generate a healthy amount for me. I hope you understand what I am trying to say

Finally!! Someone who understood my perspective. The smallest Architectural or Interior design 3d model usually takes a lot of time and I do not want to make $5 after working so hard. I also do not want to do a 100 projects for $5 every month. I want to do minimum amount of projects but with a good healthy pay.