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Good or unprofessional?

Hi, So I created new gig photos for 2 of my gigs. Although I liked them initially…now I am in dilemma. These new photos look good? Or are they unprofessional?

Gig Link 1 >

Gig Link 2 >

I wouldn’t call them “new” since you’ve stolen them from the internet. I found the first image (of the guy) on multiple job recruiting websites, and the second appears to have the same general format as the first image – and probably came from the same place(s).

It is theft to take images owned by other people and pass them off as your own, in order to use them to make a profit. You’ve been a seller since 2014. You should know better.

Mod Note: It has been noted that the images in question were not stolen and were used as allowed by the image site Terms. To all: Please take care when using strong words to address questions.


Well, before you call me thief, I will suggest you to do your research.

I have rights and proper licence to use the images I used.

I did my research. It’s not hard to search a specific image on Google. I’m only commenting based upon the information available to me. Because you are using images that all sorts of other people are using, it makes YOU (and those other sites) look less professional. And it makes people think that you might have stolen those images from those other sites – just because they look cool.

You would be better off using 100% original gig images, instead of clip-art or allegedly licensed images that everyone else is using.

That was a bold statement, and unfortunate to say the least. The images are “Free for commercial use with attribution”, from Luis Molinero, downloadable @ Freepik. You could only complain about the OP not attributing. But stealing… Yeah, bold.

This response is what I was expecting. You have no idea where images came from. You don’t know if I paid for these images or not. Instead of asking…you just called me thief.

I do not have to attribute. I am not using image(s) for free. I paid for them.

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I make statements based on the information available. I apologize if that offends you. My comment remains the same, though. If many people are using an image, it makes you look a bit less professional to do so as well. If you have rights, great (you’re welcome to prove it), but it does still look unprofessional when you are using imagery that can be found in many places online.

That’s just how it appears. Appearances matter.


Your comment on image is not offending me, that’s what I was here for but you definitely offended me by calling me a thief.

Free with attribution means, you MUST attribute the source if you want to use them. Those are the alleged terms of your use of those images. So… where is your attribution?

Note I didn’t say you should. I didn’t assume a thing, unlike others :slight_smile:

On-topic, though: as good as stock footage looks in paper, it does add to a sense of “non-originality”. I always try to illustrate with personal elements. Either myself, my studio… something that adds a personal touch to the image. I think that in a site where you do not only sell a service but yourself as a seller, it’s important to add a personal touch from the first time you impact a potential buyer.

Looks like you didn’t read what I said. I am not using those images for free. I PAID for them. I am active subscriber of the site @torrelles mentioned

Technically, it is theft, if you aren’t using the images appropriate to the terms of the owner of those images. You do not own the images. Licensing means that you have permission to use them, but they are still owned by the original photographer who took those photos. It was noted that your licensing rights require attribution.

Please be familiar with image rights before claiming that I have no idea what I am talking about. I’m a professional artist. I am well aware of how licensing works.

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Following is what my licence reads,

You are free to use this image:
- For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it.
- In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design.

Premium member do not need to give attribution to the author when using resources, whether they be for personal or commercial use.

I never said I own the images, I own licence to use the images.


Jesus Christ, @jonbaas … It really mindboggles me how you just try to prove yourself right time after time. I would simply apologize for the misunderstanding, as you clearly missed the shot here.

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Well…Well…Well. You don’t read. I can not do anything if you decided not to read what others say.

Alright. I stand corrected on the attribution issue.

Although, my general response remains the same… it DOES look unprofessional when you use imagery that can be found all over the internet. If everyone is using an image, it is neither original to you, nor all that professional in a business setting.

They are not “new”, nor entirely professional.

My point remains. I see no reason to argue it further.

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Wow! Not apologetic for false accusations and all the drama. And what @torrelles said is right,

You did everything to prove yourself right. You couldn’t but guess what, your point remains. Of course, no reason to argue it further. You already made my day.

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Well… if I can play devil’s advocate, all of my gig images are from Pixabay or Pexels, and I am doing fine. I say this because it is otherwise difficult to find an original gig image for someone writing words. I did add my images to my niche gigs on Fitness or Veganism.

As long as you are not literally stealing images, I see little wrong with using stock images of someone. Now it would be different if I was creating art or business cards or something.

I can agree with this though. It is best to use unique images. Although I don’t think it is awful if you use otherwise pretty pictures that are free to use.

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