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Good Price For My Animation Gig

Hello want to have some buyers on my Gig and I would like to know what I should update the prices to on the Gig I have made, the current prices are 40 USD, 60 USD and 90 USD, I have chosen these prices because I know that Fiverr takes 20% of the money from a order and I think that these prices will work with people looking at my gig. I also want to know how to get buyer requests and how I can improve my gig even more. Thanks :smiley:


Same advice as in your previous post.

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You still haven’t changed your profile image…

-Disregard, it’s finally been changed.

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Hi @koby_kb44

I’m gonna be blunt. It may hurt but I say this to try to help genuinely. I am assuming you are rather young.

That is some very basic work. However, if you are super cheap, you may find takers who have nasty budgets (and commonly habits to match).

I note some serious problems in your copy:

I also have a 100% money back policy to ensure that you don’t waste your money. I hope that this description tells you lots about me and I hope I will be seeing you in my gig orders.

While I get you think this makes you a safe choice it also says two things you have not admitted to yourself: I am not very good so I don’t expect you to trust me or even pay. This is not a good plan as it will chase away anyone who you could serve simply and successfully. It also says to scammers that you give them a 100% guarantee they can take your work and cancel the job.

You told us nothing about you. You talked about software. Unless you are actually After Effects you should not be using their advertising or even screenshots as you need people to hire YOU not your software. You didn’t directly show anything about yourself.

Indirectly this says a lot (as per above). No one cares about software, no one cares what you like, they care about if you are the right provider for their solution. Show that. Show more work. Fix these and more importantly fix why you wrote these things as that will also help your work to grow.

Fiverr’s video is tempting but probably unwise to use as it is brutal. You can link to YouTube to get people over there to see how much better their video will look when it hasn’t been chewed on by Dingoes. Show stills and get people to see the video where you have the ability to control the size, length, etc better. Use the slots to help people see what each option looks like. Nothing worse than someone paying bottom dollar thinking they get Sar Wars Eps 7 - 9.


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I have changed my profile picture but it hasn’t changed on the forum I don’t understand why

Yes, I am young, I have experience with animation softwares, I have looked at the other animation gigs and they use the After Effects logo, so I thought maybe I should use the logo because it might work for me.

That answer makes me think that you feel you know best. Fair enough. Go for it. I have the same issue with my teenagers too. Their 14 years of sheltered living has made them truly qualified to solve all the world’s problems in 5 mins. I was probably as silly myself as a kid - altho I know at least one of my teachers worked some of that out of me and I love him for that to this day…

Sell After Effects and see how well that differentiates you from all the other people who sell After Effects. Seeing you all look exactly the same with your lists of software and not really any work on show. That just leaves price and craziness of promises. I hope you like doing many hours of work for $4. That is only 1/5th of the minimum wage for base work in Oz. My 14yo gets two to three times that to chuck fries at McDs.

If you ask for help, you may want to be more gracious with it when it arrives :wink:



I just want to know how much I should charge for my gig, I don’t care about how much money your child earns at maccas. I just would like some help :neutral_face:

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No one but you can decide what you want to charge. Customers will decide what they want to pay for what you offer. I did give advice related to this. It appears that you didn’t like, understand, or see what you wanted.

You have also been rude several times (we can all see what you edit out).

I can help you no more. It is times like this that I am embarrassed to live in Australia and to have tried to help someone.


I am sorry for being rude my fellow friend :frowning: I just wanted sugesstions of what the price should be and wanted help but you wrote that that reply earlier and it hurt me lots I didn’t want to get back at ya I just wanted help but I made everything worse. I really feel like the jerk right now I shouldn’t have made you deal with me being sad and rude I really should have thought about what I was typing and how it would have made you feel and for the last time I am real sorry for what I have put you through



Hi @koby_kb44

Thank you. I appreciate how difficult apologies are, esp when done in public. I respect you for rising to this.

My advice was blunt. I cannot really help but be that. Even if trying to be smooth, I have a habit of seeing right to the heart of a matter that people find unnerving. It is a blessing & curse. I always try to make it as positive as I can but it will do what it wants.

I understand you asked what seemed a simple Q and wanted a simple A. The thing is it not that simple. The A you got was very related to the Q but came at it - and you - sideways. It pointed out something you didn’t want to deal with. I get that. In business tho (like love) what you don’t want to see will undo you (and beat you with the wet ends) over and over.

It will not matter what price you put on your work (which will grow over time) as if you don’t believe in your heart it will show - as it did in your Gig wording - and people will react to that. Either by avoiding you at any price or by abusing you with scams. I do not like seeing that.

If I had thought you were :poop: I would have either said nothing (let you die with it) or suggested you take up juggling cats (yes I have).

I hope you can focus more on the Art of what you do and less on technology. This is when people grow. This is when people develop something that sets them apart and makes people want to pay them good money for things that all the other fools listing software can’t ever manage.

Sleep on it. Come at it again tomorrow. Sideways if you can. I am happy to answer questions.