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Good service = Bad review

Hello guys! First to introduce myself - I am a professional ghostwriter and I professionally do cartoon and anime portraits on the platform. A couple of days ago a user placed an order on my anime portrait gig. I want to note that I always try to deliver 150% to my buyers as you can see from my reviews. I always act kind and professional and I always overdeliver putting my customers first, but today I got my first bad review and I think that it was totally unjust. User placed an order on my anime portrait gig. I pulled an all-nighter so that I can deliver the work a day before the deadline. He got the delivery and I got this response from him:
Looks perfect! I think the face of the woman is a little too round. Can you square her jaw a little, and pull her cheeks in? Would also like to thicken up the goatee on the guy”. I then told him that it is an anime portrait and that there are limitations enforced by the style, but that I’ll happily export another version with the revisions applied so that he can be able to choose the version he likes. I didn’t charge him for the two revisions. Adding a beard was easy as I just had to draw some more beard on the face of the male model, but for the female model I had to do a new face portrait from scratch. So…
I worked another 2 hours, just so that I can provide him another version, I finished both versions and I confidently delivered them with my delivery message stating “Hello! Here is the delivery with both versions attached (The inital artwork + The new version with the requested revisions applied). Your experience matters to me so if anything is less than perfect please let me know, I’m here for you and I’ll be happy to help!” One day goes by and I DM’d him to make sure that everything is alright.
This was my message - “Hello Isr—as. How did the delivery go? Your experience matters to me so I’m just checking to see if everything is there’s anything more I can do” Half an hour later I get a review from him - 3 stars “Communication with the seller”, 3 stars “Service as described” 2 stars on “Buy again or recommend” to a total of 2.7 review. I cannot believe that such people exist. And the ironical part is that the bad review that he left stated “Impressed by first pic in portfolio. But the quality did not match.” which is an artwork where I strongly exaggerated the features of the model, while the revisions that he requested were based on the fact that it wasn’t realistic enough. Today I learned a thing. Some people just don’t know what they want and no matter how much you’re invested in the process, no matter the quality of your work, they may still be unsatisfied and it has nothing to do with you. Not sure even why I made this post, but well, this is the Rant Pot. What do you guys think about this case? Is there a different manner in which I should of handled it? Should I sweat over it or should I just let it be? How to avoid cases like this and how would you yourself handle it? Damn… Not gonna lie, I bought myself pizza and cake today to celebrate because I reached 350 positive reviews without a bad review and I got this immediately after I stuffed myself. I hate this and I hate this buyer! xD


I think it’s good that you already had your celebration and that pizza didn’t go to waste!

My thoughts are that you’re not only inviting the “nothing and nobody in life ever is perfect, so I never give 5*” principalists to have a field day but might also make less critical people reconsider, maybe swap something like the Fiverr standard message “let me know if there are any problems” is better, they probably know why they used that.
I’d also have skipped the second message, you already told him you’re there for him and happy to help, what would he want or need more? Maybe he didn’t want to review originally because he wasn’t super happy or was just busy but was annoyed by that second message or whatever.

Apart from that, I’d say 350 reviews without a single bad one is pretty good and don’t take it to heart, it’s just a question of time before you cross paths with someone who doesn’t like what you do, or you, or themself, or has a bad day or never has any good days.

Write a good reply to that review that will put any readers at ease, and revel in the fact that your profile looks real now - there were buyers posting that they are suspicious of the poor sellers who manage to get hundreds of thousands of good reviews because it seems too good to be true and must be fake therefore :woman_shrugging:

And don’t forget to celebrate your 500th review, I always forget to celebrate stuff like that, so many lost opportunities for pizza …


Haha, pizza is great, yes! As for the reply, here is what I wrote:
"Really surprised that you left a bad review. You said that everything is perfect and requested a bit more facial hair. I did the revision for free and exported two versions for your convenience. I delivered and asked you to let me know if anything is less than perfect, then you left this bad review."
Then what do you know… The seller DM’d me saying this:
I admit, it was a bit harsh. I did not understand how the rates would be averaged. If you open it back up, I will update the review. I think you have to dispute the feedback to allow me to update?
Which is great, but I know how CS handles these situations and if I contact them I will probably eat up a ToS warning, which sucks because I never asked him to change his review, I just replied to his bad review and he understood that it was a bit unfair. (I delivered dope work to him btw) Anyways, how should I handle this, should I do something about it, I don’t know what to do…

Yeah, better leave it alone.

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Sounds really funny without context :smiley:


Well, thank god that the work is attached to his review :rofl:


Don’t do anything about this. Just say that you are happy your buyer is happy and move on. I’d alsoblock them.

Some people seem to think that when they order on Fiverr they get the same kind of service you would expect from sitting down in an agency office with a pro graphic designer. I.e. If there wasn’t a red carpet rolled out and a free cappuccino every time they messaged you, you did something egregiously wrong.

Typically, these people are low budget buyers who have deluded dreams of grandeur. The best thing you can do is block them or refuse to work with them in future. This way, they get to find out what they really get for their money next time.

I blocked a buyer like this a few weeks ago after they disputed s perfect order by saying they wanted a full rewrite. Since, the buyer has found me on social media and via email on my website to beg me to work with them again. - Naturally, I’m ignoring them.


That’s the thing, I try to roll out the red carpet :sweat_smile: I literally responded in a manner of seconds whenever he had a question, I delivered a day earlier, kept him updated during the process and I even did the revisions he requested for free, even went out of my way to do numerous exports with the different modifications applied so that he has the option to choose which one he likes better. The funny thing is that before he requested revisions he commented that the work is perfect and then I got this review. By the way, I contacted CS to change the review that I left him. I explained them the situation and I clarified that I am not complaining for the review that he left me, but I am totally dissatisfied with the buyer and I would like to change the review that I left him and they told me that this is indeed possible and they can help me. Should I explain them that the buyer had a change of heart without me interfering or should I just take advantage of the option to leave him a bad review as well? What do you guys think? I appreciate all of you :cowboy_hat_face:

A few things;

  • 350 positive reviews is amazing - you absolutely should celebrate. Congrats!
  • The review you mentioned only appears when you choose ‘most recent’, and not on ‘most relevant’ (on your profile at least), so many people won’t see it
  • When you do see it, it’s nestled in amongst loads of 5-stars
  • I thought your response was brilliant. Calm, reasoned, factual, mature. It’s no wonder they DM’d you about the review being harsh. I think your response, and the fact that people can see how good your art was, kind of nullifies the buyer’s review

I get that it’s frustrating, but honestly, if I needed the services you’re offering, I’d hire you in a flash. Try not to let it get you down!


Oh, that’s frustrating to say the least, but I like how you’re just rolling with the punches…

You clearly have built a strong profile and that one review won’t make a dent, moreover is great that right next to the review is the actual delivery, which looks great, so anyone that actually sees the review would probably realize you’re really good at what you do.

Congrats on the, now 353th review


Thank you so much guys! I always overthink stuff and that can take a toll on anyone but your comments absolutely got my spirits up. I’m starting to feel like I played a bad hand the best way possible, which makes it kind of okay. I appreciate you :hugs:

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This is all you can do! Definitely the right way to look at things! :slightly_smiling_face:

This will all just be a distant memory when you’re hitting your 1,000th review!

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I would leave it there and step away from this now, if I were you. Otherwise you run the risk of falling foul of CS.

I just had a buyer leave a 4.3 star review yet said “Dolly was the only voiceover artist on Fiverr who promptly responded and helped me get a small recording done within an hour’s time. Thanks, Dolly! Hope to work with you on more bigger projects.”

My first instinct was to reply to the feedback and say if I went out of my way (as I did) and everything was great, why only three stars for “Service as described.” But I’m quite glad that I just stepped away from it now and I’ll let the review do the talking rather than the star rating. It won’t matter in the long run.

It’s such a tremendous success to have a bunch of positive reviews and many congratulations to far as, one bad review can’t construct a barrier on your way towards the height of success.more power to you.
Good luck

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Your gig is subjective. People will be strange.
You responded well now move on.

The really important thing here is what type of pizza and cake did you get? Or was it a pizza cake??

Yes, I know that personal taste is subjective, but if someone is dissatisfied even the least bit I try to apply modifications and fix the things that they didn’t like and I’m skilled enough to do so. The problem is that the buyer said that the work is perfect, then he requested a bunch of modifications that I did for free and I exported multiple versions for their convenience… and then I got a bad review.

So I’m ranting in the ranting pot now. :sweat_smile:

As for the pizza - It was from a local pizza restaurant and the one I got was called Trento. It had pickles, cheese, cream, corn, bacon, smoked cheese and some dope sauce on it! As for the cake, I forgot it’s name but it had quite a lot of chocolate :grin: