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Good statistics no orders

I postes a few gigs. People are looking at my gigs but no one ordered anything yet.
Do you have any feedback for me?

Don’t think too much into stats. They don’t really correlate to the performance of your gig.

I didn’t check all your gigs, but in your responsive SEO optimized wordpress site one you say that you have 7+ years of experience while in your profile you say 5+. You should probably match them up somehow or people might suspect you of copying descriptions.

Also, you say 500+ happy clients. You might want to specify that they’re off-Fiverr, since you don’t have any orders yet.

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In addition to the other good suggestions you received, I would recommend using a real profile pic or a unique logo. Buyers often mistrust sellers who have profile images of models.

Since this is a common myth, I’m going to add it. Buyers really don’t buy from women more than men, or extra-pretty girls over natural images. Be honest no matter what you look like. It does help to look professional if you use your own photo, so a nice shirt and good pic is helpful. Using any fake info hurts you, though.

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Thanks for looking at my profile and your feedback.

Good Luck. and keep struggling. One day you will get an order. I am waiting for my orders too.