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Good work poor communication


I ordered two gigs from a fiverr artist and received both. I thought the work was excellent (and said so) but made a small request. I did not hear back from the artist. I’ve sent 3 or 4 messages now and the artist will not respond. I’d love to give said artist an excellent rating, however if they will not respond I don’t want to do so, nor do I want to order any more. At the same time I do not want to give them a poor review as they do great work. Any suggestions?


He must be busy , wait for some time .





Are you messaging the seller through the messaging system? Or through the order page?

If it’s the latter, you should send the seller a direct message, as it’s very easy to overlook notifications on orders once they have been delivered.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Good point! I don’t have to juggle many orders at a time, but it’s still easy to overlook (or not be notified of) related messages that end up in both or the ‘other’, messaging system.


Reply to @sunshy1: I understand what you mean, but if the OP has messaged that many times and not gotten a response, how much more time and effort are they supposed to put in to trying to be nice?

“Busy” isn’t an excuse to be unprofessional. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mrproofreading: Agree 100%. Fiverr notification system is not as fool proof as it should be. Simply put, the seller may not even be aware you are trying to contact him. Use the conversation (direct message) page – notifications work ten times better.


Reply to @itsyourthing and @steveeyes

The notification system is pretty horrible. It should be a “pop-up” window that you can scroll through at your own leisure. Currently, it only shows 4 notifications and to see more, you have to keep on clicking ‘more’, which is not very intuitive or easy to manoeuvre.

I’ve missed so many order updates because of this.

Fiverr need to do one of two things:

  1. Remove the ability to post an order update after the order has been delivered. Replace this with three clear buttons saying: “Request Modification”, “Mark Order as Complete” or “Contact Seller”.
  2. Incorporate a much smarter notification feature.

    Either option would prevent a lot of problems.


well I think it was through the order system that I have done most of the contacting. Since it has been nearly a month, I think there has been enough time. I’ll see if I can reach the seller through a direct message.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Yep, agreed with enthusiastically!


So I checked and I have messaged the artist through direct message as well as order message about 3 times, and still nothing. The work was performed in Dec. 2014 and my first contact was the beginning of Jan. 2015. I don’t want to give her a poor review as her work was good. Does anyone have any suggestions?


You don’t have to review her. That way, you do no harm to the seller.


Reply to @lglaser: Have a look at the profile of the seller, where it says “Recent Delivery”. If their recent delivery says 6 hours ago, 12 hours ago etc., then you know the seller is still active and may be ignoring you.

If it says something like “About a month ago”, I’d probably refrain from leaving a review, as something may have happened in their personal life.


I agree with @catwriter at this point. But if you’re that determined that you have to leave a review, just leave one that says what your post title says “Good work; bad communication.” that way folks reading the review will know what to expect and can make their decision accordingly. And it just may get the seller’s attention enough to make that small modification you asked for. Honestly, as a potential buyer, I think you owe the same amount of consideration to buyers as you do to this seller. Would you feel good about ‘setting up’ other buyers to have to spend as much time as you have dealing with this particular seller?

I know sellers like/need positive feedback, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Leave an honest review or skip it entirely. No-one’s world will crumble. :slight_smile:


Are you trying to get revisions on the work you got from the seller? If so, did you request the modification within 3 days after getting your order back? Is the revision you are requesting for fair to ask without any additional fee? Sellers sometimes do not feel replying back to revision requests from orders that are already completed and which asks for changes that require too much time to implement. if you like the artist’s work maybe you could offer to pay a fee if your revision would take considerable time and effort to do. Either that or your seller’s just unresponsive. In that case, just look for other, more responsive artists.


The revision wouldn’t take much time at all (probably a minute or two) and the seller could just say no if she doesn’t want to or could request additional money. Previously she had a number of orders in the queue, so she may very well be busy. Nevertheless I will not order from her again and will be more careful who I use in the future.