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Goodbye Fiverr, hello 15-If-You\'re-Lucky

When Fiverr first came out, it was a fantastic place. The USP of everything being $5 was amazing, unique, and incredibly tempting. But, now it’s not even Fiverr, it’s 15-If-You’re-Lucky, I just came across a gig for a HTML email design starting at $20. And in that one gig, this site’s entire selling point was smashed.

Personally, I think the introduction of multiple gigs ruined this website.


So you want people to work below what they are worth?

Not at all, but if people want to earn more than $5, then they should go somewhere else. Literally, the entire point of Fiverr is that everything is a Fiver

I don’t think Fiverr will be hurting. I have heard this same story from many buyers but after they shop around, they come back to Fiverr.

$15 is still extremely cheap for most of the gigs on fiverr.

Fiverr is a marketplace and as such, profit is their number 1 priority. If they can increase their revenues based on higher commissions which derive from higher average selling prices, I don’t understand the reason why they shouldn’t do so.
Besides, it is clearly stated that here is the marketplace where everything STARTS from $5, so buyers can still get $5 services OR opt in for something more expensive.

I didn’t check if you are a seller yourself, but if you are, would you choose to be paid a flat $4 net for every completed order or would you choose to offer extras which will increase potentially your income by offering advanced services based on your $5 gig?

Ooh, I love the smell of entitlement in the morning. If you don’t like it, you can go away and let the rest of us who are (largely) content play here. You can get cheaper (and usually low quality) work elsewhere. Have fun.

From fiverrs blog the point was a platform where you can buy and sell micro jobs in the form of 5-15 minute gigs.
Sure now you can also get more extensive jobs done too but i actually think this has been a key ingredient in the sites rapid growth.

Indeed. Those $5 gig are still there, but more and more people are coming here to find work from professionals at discounted rates, and those professionals are also coming here to take advantage of the free mass traffic it offers.

If you think (not you, @mgjohn78) that this “ruined” the website, it’s time you learned a lot about how business works. Of course there’s plenty of things wrong with this website–this is not one of them.

To be honest, I’m spectacularly confused about this whole Fiverr getting too overpriced business. All my services have a base price of … Yes, you guessed it $5. Even better, I buy services off Fiverr from time to time and have never paid more than $5 for what I need. Sure, I can get the same thing for $15-$50 from a better established and better-recommended seller if I want to. But I don’t, because that simply isn’t in my price range. Honestly, I really don’t therefore understand how people can do so much of a song and dance about everything on Fiverr being more than $5, when the real issue is that they don’t want “5-15 minute gigs,” they want the red carpet laid out, strippers riding ostriches and bloody fireworks to boot.

You see, Fiverrs called Fiverr, not “You can have the whole world for a Fiverr.” - Or is that just me?

Then when you pay 5.00 and you don’t get a valet service, you’ll complain too. I find these types of posts unfortunate. Sorry you’re feeling so ripped off, barf.

I think we’re being a little too hard on the OP. I’m sure it’s strange for people who have always been able to find something on this website for $5 to show and discover that everything has tripled or quadrupled in price–though I’m sure there are still some sellers offering what you’re looking for $5…they’re just probably not going to be as professional, but that’s not true across the board and may not be true at all.

“…they’re just probably not going to be as professional.”

Excuse me, but I’m one of those sellers who are offering people what they want for $5, and I’m a little upset by your comment. You have made it sound like “oh well, if you don’t want to cough up for quality”…And this is exactly what the OP was originally posting about!

In this case, I’m now with the OP, but not because gigs on Fiverr are getting more expensive. That’s not the problem. The problem is that a lot of them are getting too pretentiousness.

Hi, I offer everything for $5, please check my reviews to see how “professional” I am and what my clients think of me. Thanks.

Did you not read the clause directly after the one you quoted? The one where I said that’s not true across the board and may not be true at all? Did I say that all $5 sellers were crappy? No. Why would I say that? I’m a $5 seller.

All I said is that a lot of people in this thread really jumped to berate the OP about expecting to be able buy anything for $5, when that’s not exactly an incorrect assumption. That’s exactly how Fiverr markets themselves. But the marketplace has also changed, and Fiverr has now given sellers the tools to up their base prices, if they see fit, and charge more for what they might have originally been charging only $5 for. It upends Fiverr’s original premise.

I only really embraced Fiverr when I realised you could earn more than 5 dollars per gig. The nature of a competitive market means that you will find someone doing what I do for less; and you have the choice of whom to pick.

When you are no longer a ‘budding web developer’ and you are someone trying to earn a living as a serious freelancer, you’ll understand.

Just as I said that, I got my 3rd negative review in 2 years and 2500 orders…“seller failed to deliver in time” LOL. Reminder to myself, just stay silent on Fiverr Forum, just like you had for the last 2 years, except for the last 1 month :slight_smile:

Most of my work is custom and people are happy with this as they get exactly what they want. I also do a few basic gigs still. Win win for everyone including Fiverr.

I’ve done over 3000 orders in 3 years and at least half were $5 gigs. I get $4 for each of those. I would like a raise please? How about a base of $10?

Why dont you try selling your services for $5 and see how hard it is to make ends meet that way. Everyone has a $5 service here and the goal is to upsell to make dealing on this platform worth it. You arent going to feed your family on $5 orders… You are still welcomed to order someone’s $5 basic package and if you want their full package , you’ll shovel out more. And rightfully so. If that person no longer offers a minimum of $5 then good for them. I can’t wait till fiverr lets my account do it.