Goodbye Fiverr


After making over $1,000 in a period of 3 months on fiverr. It has been 4 months since i haven’t gotten an order so I am here to say that i will no longer be selling on fiverr due to the new layout :frowning:

I am a level 2 seller but unfortunately i will be deleting my account.

Fiverr V2 was just a nightmare for upcoming sellers.


Bummer. I’m really sorry that happened to you! Hopefully you’ve got other avenues for income.




Maybe come back when V3 starts…Maybe it will be better


don´t lose hope and I would advice don´t close your account, just do suspension of the gig that is not doing its job and try to think of something new. I myself got 2 months no order but always be open with new ideas and ways to´s not the fiverr2, I know it is very competitive now but you just have to compete with it too.I myself also level 2 seller.Struggles is always there but don´t lose hope.


why not try and offer more services