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Goodbye my Bestseller :/ <3

Today is the day when Fiverr deleted my best selling GIG. Without any warning or asking to modify, just boom and It’s gone. They say It’s violation of ToS but I checked ToS 2 times, there is no section which would not allow that service I was providing.

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At least I got Reviews remaining… :smiley:


Hi there @tadas_puleikis, noooooo wayyyy! You mean the gig about Seo optimization…???

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Ohh yes. So basically, It’s not allowed to help other Sellers to improve their GIG. It’s against Fiverr ToS :smiley:

I saw your profile. You opened the 7 gig it’s good but your all gig’s photo is same. I think this is the main reason for remove your gig.

Yes! But actually it make sense though, I talked to CS some time ago about helping new sellers out with their images… and if it was okay to do this. That wasn’t a problem as long you don’t help them out with SEO Optimization… reason is because they already get all the help they need in the TOS and even courses on how to setup your gigs… so that makes a lot of sense.

Oh, and sorry that you’ve lost your best Gig…

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My photos are not the same and this is not a reason of my GIG removal :man_facepalming:

I have a main background with Ninja avatar on the right and any other parts are different, oriented to particular service.

However, I’m doing A/B testing to check a new thumbnail and here’s my new thumbnail design I bought from one seller. The first one design is myself creation, now I will try with paid thumbnail, here it is:


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Nice, I love it!! It is catchy and easy to read!

Ahhh, I checked the ToS, no disallow were provided so I started this kind of service. I was trying to be unique, no other seller had this kind of service. :smiley:

Waiting tomorrow to see the results. Also waiting for any order, that would be even better! :smiley:

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Oh, can’t wait to see that one too :smiley:

Well, you now know the reason why nobody else has such a gig. :wink:

I am sorry you had to bid adieu to your old gig. I hope that your new gig brings you tons of orders, reviews, and wonderful memories.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

may be its happn for someones repost. dont know why, but as a fast grow of your account in only 1.5 month may be someone reported on your gig. thats why it was did. dont worry best of luck for next time.

Yeah I also think that someone reported me. I have various Skills. I will survive this drop. :slight_smile:

I thought others sellers did report . some time for reducing competition people can do that !

While it’s possible that someone reported you, reported gigs don’t automatically get removed. Staff checks them first. And if it’s a false report, the one who reported it gets in trouble. In other words, if the gig isn’t breaking any rules, it won’t get removed.


Yeah, they checked my GIG but the answer why it was delete was very unclear and “tricky”. Because they mentioned ToS violation but ToS have no restrictions for that kind of services providing. Basically they should update their ToS due to this situation.

I agree that they should update it, things keep changing. Some 5 years ago, it was fine (and sometimes even recommended) to, say, hire a copywriter to write your gig description, but later it became forbidden as misleading (imagine reading a gig description, thinking that the seller speaks excellent English, and it turns out that they can barely communicate).