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Goodbye TRS


Someone just mutually cancelled 35 orders :slight_smile:


But it not removed, So do not have to worry right? :slight_smile:


He wants to redecorate a house or something. Alas, I shall fall asleep and wake up with no TRS. Only a waiting game now.


I haven’t even had an order in 3 days :frowning: sigh the problem is, somebody is offering the same gig as me, but of course, most of my orders are 8-11 gigs a go, which means when I complete it is only classed as ‘one order’ complete, which means I don’t climb the active seller list as it is much slower than one gig orders sigh my time at fiverr looks like it is coming to an end :slight_smile:


I suppose the best thing to do is pile through as many orders as possible, I got in touch with customer support to see what they say. I will come back, but it is over £1000 gone in those orders, which hurt even more :frowning:


It hasn’t gone yet. I am anticipating it will though, only just had the cancellations. The thing is. I have managed to hand in 4 gigs in 2 days ($100 each ones) which means I vastly outweigh cancellations to gigs complete.


According to customer service it is likely to have an effect on my level, cool, just cool. They basically said I should avoid them even those these were completely unavoidable sigh sucks as I have worked so hard here!


hopefully support will see its out of your control and your levels will not be removed.


Reply to @markp: I got in touch with them, levels won’t be reduced this time, but they told me that all cancellations should be avoided, and it doesn’t matter if they weren’t avoidable, if I get more cancellations I lose my level sigh I have only 80 cancellations total now, so it hit hard. (Only 5 of them have been due to my fault sigh)

cybercube said: But it not removed, So do not have to worry right?

Now I have to be worried every single time a cancellation pops up due to this, and it sucks. The system needs to change.