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Goodmorning, I'm Gianluca a new member on Fiverr


Hello, my name is Gianluca, I’m 23 yo from Italy.
I’m currently working as Manager in an Italian company. I’ve been worked 2 years in an American fitness company as Marketing & IT Manager.
I attended a lot of Marketing courses and sales training.
I practiced with NLP and I am a coach in NLP.
I hope that you’re doing well!
For anything don’t hesitate to write me.
I wish you the best,

Gianluca Giudice
Marketing & IT Manager


Welcome to Fiverr and Good luck :tada: :tada:


Welcome! Read the Blog and Listen to Podcasts


Welcome to fiverr :heart:


Thank you very much!


You are welcome :sunglasses::+1:


Thank you @muzimemon :sunglasses:


Of course I’ll do it :star_struck:


Hi mrgianlucag
Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Thank you @ridwansugi I hope you’re doing well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


welcome to the family wish you all the very best.:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Welcome to fiverr platforn


Thank you very much! Have a good day @tanvir_0012 :relieved:


Thank you @smrashed31 :v:t4:


Welcome and wish you best of luck


Welcome, you’re very talented guy, as you describe yourself.
welcome on fiverr and best wishes.


Thank you very much @mannanshaikh542


Thank you a lot :grin: @moonsoon2018