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Goodreads cancellation

Yesterday I received an email from goodreads, that they were blocking my goodreads account. because it had come to their attention that I was posting review that authors had paid for. Has anyone else had this experience. I didn’t let that stop me ~ I opened a new account under a different name and so far have not had any problems.

Rules are for chumps, huh?

I need to ask you: are you proud of this?

Did you really feel the need to share this so others are encouraged to do such wrong things?

I’d like to remember that posting paid fake reviews is against ToS of most sites…

fake reveiw what are you talking about I wrote a review about a great book and it was not fake but very real!!! Just because a fiverr reviewer is posting the review does not make it fake…it is not wrong to get paid for a good review for a good book