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Google--A Great Resource. Top Tip for Sellers, Use It!


Information is free. Education is free. So many things are free to all of us these days, and not just in English. All you have to do is type it in. Even if you peck at the keyboard like a slothful kingfisher, you’re gonna get to where you want to go quicker than “who I am making sale favorite” bizarroland “tips” and “questions”. STOP RIGHT THERE!

I’ve been a bit quiet the past few days, but I’m astounded. There are so many people here who want a job on a plate. It just doesn’t work that way: would it work that way if you were looking for a real job in real life?

This is no different. The onus, my friend, falls directly ON YOU to improve your knowledge and your skills and anything else that might help you sell. Scratching your ass then whining about no sell or whatever… c’mon. Does that work IRL? Then why should it be any different here? Don’t get angry at Fiverr over its 20%, don’t get angry with Fiverr because it “make me sad”, don’t get angry at Fiverr because nobody was interested in your b!tthole of a gig that looks like the written equivalent of baby’s first refrigerator scrawl.

And for the love of God, stop posting tips that are not tips. You are exchanging services for money. Therefore, you must be professional, or at least semi-competent at what you do. I will not hesitate to tell you what a sorry sack of shoes I think you are if you can’t even muster some of the most basic aspects of being pro:

  1. being able to research before a whine that I can fix with a 1-sec google
  2. writing like someone who has just discovered what fire is
  3. plain ol’ lying and/or spamming

If you’re desperate for cash, I get it. Go get a crappy job locally. That’s what I did.I worked up from there. This is a major tip for the hundreds of clueless people who should know better. And for the love of God, get better English. Not for my benefit. It will benefit you so much more in every area of your life.

OK? Good. I’ll get back to potshots now, then. If you have an ounce of sense, http://www, The world has never had such open access to information and yet you idiots still drone on like helpless little sheep. STFU.


Unfortunately the ones who need this won’t read it. You would need to personally go to their home and read this as a bedtime story for them. And then explain it. And again.
I imagine, it being you, that you would then need to clean their blood from the walls.
You could then try reading it to them again and they will pay as much attention with their eyes rolled back.


Whey won’t listen to you emmaki! Most of these ‘sellers’ are so dense they could be intellectually trampled to death by hamsters. Feels good to let it out, though ey?


But what if this is a cunning PR stunt? So to speak.

Anyway, this is now my default C&P to tomorrow’s “HOW MEK SELLS FORUM?” posts.


If I were to trample idiots to death, I’d at least be cultured, put on my rhinoceros costume and then put on some Tchaikovsky. I’m not a monster!


Indeed, they are most likely busy now writing the next ‘How can I make sale’ post.


“…intellectually trampled to death by hamsters…” I just vomited my coffee into the keyboard. This one is really funny! Have to steal it for the next party.


Sellers out here thinks that posting on forum will help them to increase there sales (which is not true) and so they have to post something here on forum no matter to them that it is useful or not…
I just want these sellers to read this post and try and understand what the professionalism is!!!


Kinda true talk but mean. I believe there is a better way to convey your message politely than being so mean to newbies.


It’s not being mean, it’s being realistic. We were all new at one point, and figured how to make Fiverr work in our favor. Plus, once you get to understand Emmaki’s ways, there’s no malice behind it. Well, sort of… :slight_smile:


You are so right! It is frustrating!




I was on Fiverr for 20 months and been a top rated seller for 10 of them before I first came to this forum. You don’t need this forum to succeed, use this just for fun. If you want to succeed on Fiverr, you gotta do your own thing nd find out what works and what doesn’t, your way. All the best!


I also think GOOGLE is a great source for every freelancer.


I agree. I actually found her hilarious, and of course realistic :slight_smile:


Exactly :slight_smile:


I totally agree with Emmaki.
Now there are more Sellers spamming the Buyer’s Requests with stuffs asking for Buyers to come and Order their GiG. I meant, C’mon Guys Buyers cannot access Buyer’s Requests until they have a GiG. It’s like standing in a Road and asking people to buy Plane tickets.