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Google adsense clicks - account ban


I am new to google adsense and now have my adsense account closed before getting any payments through from them after booking 40 clicks/week or whatever. Now what didn’t make much sense is that they sell it for $5 giving 40 clicks worth around $50…too good to be true. I think those using this will get their adsense accounts eventually banned. Trouble is after they ban you…no real comeback…seller offer refund and you lose a big revenue source. No real way of warning people with negative review once you take the refund…so these sellers keep going with top reviews!


Well yes buying clicks or traffic to a site that has adsense ads is against adsense terms!


fragglesrock seemed to be the safest offer and most popular and I just used him, no-one else and got banned…revenue was ok but useless as you don’t get anything from google once banned. He immediately offered a refund saying how sad it was and that there were lots of reasons for this, ( how do you know, google don;t tell u ), and thanked me for letting him know. Alot of good that did me.


Reply to @mgjohn78: but they advertise as safe


john yeah…ok, you;re such an expert on google adsense T’s & C’s…tell me about your experience


or you just think it’s funny that people are buying these gigs without knowing they will inevitably get banned !


Just take it as a learning experience and next time you find a new ad program for your site, don’t take any risks, its just not worth it.

Im not 100% clear if the seller was selling clicks in general of specifically adsense clicks. If the later you should definitely report the seller to fiverr CS.


Reply to @rsaffet: ok, you;re such an expert on google adsense T’s & C’s…tell me about your experience or you just think it’s funny that people are buying these gigs without knowing they will inevitably get banned !


ok…sensible, thanks for that. It’s pretty much over with google though unless u change identity


Reply to @mgjohn78: it was specifically adsense clicks…but that’s what they all offer…do you know of any other ad programs like google…there aren’t any. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Reply to @rsaffet: Yeah these situations are unfortunate but there are some alternatives to adsense. None are as good though, in the past i made a decent amount with adbrite but i see they have been bought by another company so no idea if its still a good alternative. If your site is popular then perhaps you could start selling direct banner or link ads.


hi, I bought one of this type of gig yesterday. i dont have any adsence on my website at the moment, I am trying to build visitors and then after few weeks planning to ad adsence. Do i still get banned from adsence . doest these gigs effect is for life time ? . .


Reply to @kjblynx: corrected my web link (removed) . thanks . I am new to fiverr.

thanks for advise. i am thinking why fiverr allowing such seller to do scam etc. they should be banned from fiverr.


Reply to @biktahai: Fiverr doesn’t have enough staff to check every single gig (there are over 3,000,000 gigs on Fiverr). It’s up to users to report fraudulent activity.


Google allows you to spend money on advertising, marketing and traffic. They are only warning in the terms that not all sources are trustworthy, so it’s your own risk.

The terms however clearly state that you can’t ask people to click on your ads. And if someone ask them to do so for you, that’s the same thing and goes against their rules.

If you want ad clicks, your only safe bet is to purchase traffic that is interested in your site, not asked to click on stuff.

Or just do tons of SEO to get that traffic from google itself.


Well, I suggest you find yourself a new address (your parents, a friend), and apply for a new account, and never again pay to get clicks on Adsense.

Don’t mess with Big Google, don’t do anything suspicious, they are always watching because they would rather lose money and maintain their reputation than make money from fraudulent clicks.

With that said, if you want to increase traffic you might consider paying people to promote your website on Facebook, pay popular Facebook pages to do stories about you, pay for guest blogging, and grow your website naturally if it’s a blog (i.e. write at least one blog every day or write 1-3 quality blogs, 100% original, a week).


Reply to @rsaffet: so sorry about your ban, the fact is that you don’t send clicks to adsense ads, google will find out. You have to use social media means to get traffic to your ads, i have a gig on adsense that will be worth your while. check out my profile.


Hehehe… if it seems too good to be true - that you can hire somebody to click your ads and make easy money - then it probably is. Google is very good at spotting click-farmers and protecting their customers’ money. As other people have said, you’d have better luck buying SEO, keyword-laden articles, and other content in order to generate real traffic.