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Google Adwords campaign management


I have started my adwords campaign and had little success with my local target market. We have started a new nationwide service and need help with our campaign start to finish. Right now, cpc is to high and it’s killing our budget we are getting clicks

with a decent clickthrough rate but not getting the calls to convert these clicks. I think maybe our landing page needs some work as well. Keywords may be an issue with which match type to use. Overall, need a complete overhaul of our nationwide campaign. I know personally that this service we are offering is in demand and have converted clicks to customers but not getting the type of results we need. Need an Adwords pro who knows how to make this campaign a success. Thank You.

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It would be best to search the main page for keywords related to your need and try a buyer request. You can also read through the My Fiverr Gigs section of the forum to see if anyone is advertising a gig related to your request.

Thank you for advice.