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Google Adwords for your gigs, target your market

I would recommend using Adwords to help conversions and sales for your Fiverr gigs. The good thing about Adwords is that you can set all the pricing to fit your budget and keywords. If you have never used or tried it, dive in and create a campaign or two.

You can set how much to spend a day, even if it’s a dollar.

You can set the amount you want to pay for clicks, even if it’s just a nickel.

You can set your keywords to whatever you wish.

Obviously, the higher the bids/budget, the more clicks. However, you don’t have to compete with the big words or large bids and can still get attention with small amounts.

So for $30/month, you will easily make that back, and anything extra could be your next repeat client. Even if you have to pay 50-60 cents for a click, remember, if you targeted your audience correctly, that’s a very high possibility that you will convert.

People will say, "but Fiverr already takes 20% and paypal blah blah blah, plus 50-60 cents?? blah blah"

Yes, if you only sell $5 gigs all day, this would take away your lobster add-on to your steak dinner. The point is, to focus more on your EXTRAS. 50-60 cents is nothing if you sell a $105 package. You aren’t going to all of the sudden get ALL $105’s, but you will increase your chances because you have targeted your market as narrowly as possible. Even if they make a $15 purchase, that’s still effective profit depending on the amount of time invested, but that’s up to you to determine your own value.

Also, put your Gig Videos up on Youtube, fill out all description info and include a link to your gig, and you can market your video through Adwords as well.

It’s a very cheap and effective way to increase production, awareness, sales, and branding.

As you gain some momentum, amp it up either in your bid/click or your daily budget.

You can turn on or off at your leisure, and once you find that right mix, you will be on autopilot. Free traffic is okay, but in order to get to YOUR NEXT REPEAT CUSTOMER, you have to be willing to invest in your business/future.

*I’m not an Adwords ‘specialist’ so please don’t ask me for advice as I am still working on my perfect mix. Ask Google or do your own research, this is just a recommendation.


DTong (TRS)

People want Fiverr to bring them ALL THE TRAFFIC as if they have ALL THE TRAFFIC IN THE WORLD to be giving people. I’m suggesting a strategy to help people so they DON’T HAVE TO ALWAYS RELY ON FIVERR to bring them traffic to their gigs they spent so much time perfecting.

A website on Godaddy with 5 page design option and domain name is $80-100/year. However, the cost and time in maintaining and designing a website can take away from your marketing efforts and you HAVE to have some HTML knowledge if you want a semi-successful website.

The point is to use the Fiverr platform to draw traffic to your services, regardless where they are. Advertising is Advertising. It doesn’t matter if you bring it straight to your pockets or through a 3rd party site, the bottomline is the profit margin! If you are already selling yourself short on what you earn then yes, it will always be a struggle. However, if you have EXTRAS you are confident in, spend the money to bring in the viewers/potential buyers.

YOU HAVE TO INVEST INTO YOUR STARTUP/BUSINESS otherwise you will always be ‘just floating above water’. Be in it to earn as much as you can, not just enough to live on! GET THAT MONEY IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE AND DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS…(ahem…you know who you are)


That is a great idea. You know, you could make a lot of money with an Adwords Gig, you know, write an Adwords ad for people.

I’m more familiar with Facebook advertising than google adwords. Of course, I don’t know how you get those 10 cent clicks in either platform. Do you increase your audience size? Reduce it? Do you set up a maximum? My experience with Facebook is that when you set up a maximum of $0.10, you don’t get clicks because they don’t show your ad enough.

It will be nice if you could track your visitors.

This is a dreadful idea!

Adwords is excellent for targeting search phrases and getting prospects to click through to YOUR OWN website - but you should NOT be paying for traffic to send it into a website owned by someone else (i.e. Fiverr).

I am Google Adwords certified and DO use Adwords regularly for my own marketing campaigns and my customers - but NEVER into a third party website!


Reply to @copymoney: Not everyone on Fiverr can afford a website of their own or has the knowledge to do so. You do realize this is a GLOBAL ECOMMERCE WEBSITE don’t you? Not everyone on Fiverr can confidently put ‘money’ in their username like you stud. Mainly because they are short on it…

I have campaigns that point to my own streams as well, this is advice for those who don’t have anything BUT Fiverr and who AREN’T Google Adwords certified. Do YOU, and remember, you weren’t always certified and you weren’t always the ‘money’ man either…

Affiliate advertising/marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and they pay to advertise 3rd party sites all day and night long like it’s going out of style…

Reply to @deblitz: true. However, once you start a campaign, you will know if it’s yielding results if your order conversions increase. Some of my gigs decrease in Fiverr exposure/impressions/red, but still convert in sales/green-arrows because of bringing in traffic from outside sources.

People hate on Fiverr for having such a great platform, and I’ve learned to use it as such as well as reference it when building outside of it. Fiverr is a Top Salesperson that I pay 20% to. That’s just how you have to look at it. So if I have to give a site like Adwords cents on the dollar in order for Fiverr to CLOSE THE DEAL for a smooth 20%, that’s what’s up. Think if you have 5 Fiverr’s!!?? As a TRS, I would pay ALL of my sales people 20% to do what they do for me/us as sellers in general.

I like this idea very much. I am struggling on fiverr for quite some time already. I know only little theory for Google Ad words, but after reading this thread I feel more confident to try it.

@dtongsports: Thank you for the great tips.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I like creating and managing mine, but wouldn’t have the passion to do it for money. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the Facebook ads, doesn’t convert well, and you can really get more exposure yourself by posting in groups etc…

That’s what great about Adwords, you can target anything and get as many or as little as you want and can even target some cheap keywords that are searched a million times but still searched thousands of times. :slight_smile:

I have em scattered all over really. My 10cent-25cent are more vague of course, but my 30-50cent levels are hitting page 3-4 on average and get a fair amount of clicks and a great conversion percentage. When those get $55-$105 sales, it makes up for any others that only converted to $5. My average sale is $12 and it’s gotta be close to $13 as lately, $5 orders are few and far between anymore compared to extras ordered on my gigs as I have them tie in to other gigs I offer as well. Has been a very effective strategy.

The thing about Google Adwords, a potential customer is coming to your offer with way more than just $5 as they usually find out about ‘Fiverr’ through your ad.

Reply to @dtongsports: I used to have a corporate entity, Google used to mail me $100 adwords cards, I threw them away. What a waste, right?

Maybe I’ll give it a chance. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Reply to @dtongsports: what a shame you found the need to respond with a personal attack on me (and my profile). I commented on your idea/recommendation - NOT because I felt the need to attack you personally.

You are wrong in what you are suggesting - your advice will NOT work for people who can’t afford a website of their own (if they can’t afford a website - they should not be spending money on advertising to send traffic into someone else’s site).

The best advice you could have given (related to Adwords) would have been to make their first $500 on Fiverr, get a website set up, create a lead capture page and send traffic into that - building a list of their own - NOT paying for Fiverr to build a customer base (which may or may not buy from them).

If you feel the need to reply again by attacking me go ahead - I still believe your advice was wrong.

Reply to @copymoney: Good luck champ! This is a FIVERR FORUM, not a…‘How to get sales outside of Fiverr’ Forum stud. You’re telling me what advice I should be giving? Interesting, I had no idea you were in charge of my thoughts and decisions. Next time I’ll be sure to consult you first before reaching out to help those who appreciate it. This obviously doesn’t relate to you and with your monsterous wallet and fat pockets, I’m sure your success is nothing to be looked over…lol.

You really think everyone has the time to build and manage a website? Or, even have the knowledge or capabilities to do so? Why do you think Fiverr exists? It’s a platform for those who don’t have the time or desire to maintain a website or online merchant or domain name or even have the access to do it. Creating a gig/service is simple and user friendly and all of the things they need to earn online is provided by Fiverr, for 20%. That’s like hiring a web designer, online merchant, domain name, up-to-date algorithms, impressions, views, and support for 20%. I keep about $100 a day from my Fiverr orders, EVERYDAY, so something must be working, and this month is off to an outstanding start projecting it to be nearly a 4k month. I’ll pay $100/month for adwords advertising to bring in attention to my Fiverr gigs, and also another $100 to bring higher-end clients to my ‘outside’ offers.

For you to take it as an ‘attack’ is a YOU problem as it wasn’t such. Sounds like you are frustrated and looking for a few ways to get sales yourself.

Maybe start your own thread with your own advice…now that would be something to think about.

Reply to @dtongsports: thanks for posting this!

I’ve been looking into AdWords recently. It’s great to hear that someone in your position considers them a viable strategy for driving traffic to our gigs.