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Google Algorithm and recent drop in sales is related?

Google implemented its “mobilgedden” update a few weeks ago, which is roughly when people noticed a drop in sales. Granted, their update wasn’t instantaneous and there could be many other factors, but it does make me wonder. One of the reasons that Google is focusing on mobile devices is that the internet is being accessed more and more frequently mobile. I’ve seen figures of 30%+ of people use mobile for internet. There is a huge demographic that does not use the internet via anything but mobile.

I ran the Fiver site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and was shocked to see the lowest score I’ve seen from any site.

A 54/100 for Mobile and an 82 for Desktop. Both are bad, mobile especially.

I don’t track Fiverr’s keyword search engine rankings, but I am wondering if the ranking of the site content has dropped as a whole. Was Fiverr penalized by Google? I don’t know.

Fiverr is mobile friendly, and should not be hit by that update.

Check out:

Of course page speed is a ranking factor, but I bet it doesn’t change much for Fiverr over the years.

Sorry, but the link you provided is not helpful and may be misleading. It may show that the site works on a mobile device, but is not the same as being optimized.

The link I provided is more than for page speed, it shows what is wrong with one’s site, with respect to optimizing for mobile and desktop devices.

The score is quite low for Fiverr, but that is based upon the listed factors limiting performance and usability. I’m surmising that it could be a factor for the search rankings.

Reply to @happygoluckyone:

It’s not misleading, as you’re referring to the mobile friendliness update by Google in April, as mentioned in your first sentence in your post. Page speed is not a new ranking factor, but mobile friendliness officially is starting from April.

More information about that update can be found here:

Interesting perspective, the time frame definitely coincides with the google update.