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Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

Hello guys,

I am recently having issues with Google Chrome browser only on Fiverr. The files take forever to load or not load at all, and so the pages. At first I thought it was the internet, so I reboot the router and the Wi-Fi hot spot, but it didnt change anything, I restart Chrome and nothing, and so I restart my laptop. Then I figure I would try another browser to see if it was Fiverr or it was the internet or the browser. I try Mozilla and it works smoothly as it used to be on Chrome.

So I was wondering, did the Chrome update change something, or the mods on Chrome somehow affected the navigation. Does someone has the same issue?


Works for me with both browser. Chrome 43.0.2357.132 and firefox 39.0 on Linux

Chrome works fine for me as well :slight_smile:

I am thinking that either you have installed chrome wrongly or that your file is bugged.

I recommend that you try chrome on a different computer and you’ll see it works just fine.

#2 Download chrome again, but before, make sure to rid of every chrome file that exists on your pc.

Best of luck.

Thank you amigos

i use google but i prefer mozilla its better

I am facing same issue and I switched to Firefox. Don’t know what’s the problem.