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Google+ or Google Maps RANK tips! Gain position for you or your clients with these SEO tips

So I have not been doing much of this on Fiverr until now. WE have ranked over 1000 businesses either on Google organic, maps or Google+ and we can help you!! We even offer a video report made custom for you after we review your page/listing.

That’s a nice gig. I think I will copy it . Just kidding!! I think you will get orders for this as Google has come down hard on people trying to manipulate their listings and lots are struggling to rank them and I just had one guy come to me as he lost his seven pack ranking and was sent to the twilight zone for doing one small thing.

I’m happy to hear that you ONLY use White Hat SEO techniques. That’s the way to go! :slight_smile:

Black Hat SEO methods, where you try to game the system, only hurt you in the end. Sure, you may rank number one on Google search engine within a short period of time for a little bit… but when Google does another update (as they are getting better at catching those who are gaming the system) your website/business will be taken off of the search engine! Good for short-term, bad for long-term!

Great gig… good luck! :slight_smile:

Yeah, we have never believed in doing anything except white hat methods, as over time has proven trying to cheat the system does not work. In the end, SEO takes time and effort and for those willing to do it themselves, it is just a matter of helping folks know how to do things. Hence the gig!

Exactly! Google will eventually figure out the systems folks come up with. We have been optimizing websites for almost 15 years and we have found a great system that has worked for us that whole time AND no matter the Google updates, does not really change. A good marketing company with a solid reputation is the key, which we are!

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