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Best Keywords for Your Website ?

There are three kind of key words. Those are,

  1. Navigational Keyword
  2. Informational Keyword
  3. Transactional Keyword

if Your business is a start up then Your business should be mainly focuses on transactional key word . If You do not know what is a transactional keyword is , That keyword having less number of competition.

Eg:- Suppose You are the owner of a Digital Marketing Agency. website design is one of service given by Your agency. if You need to rank Your agency website for the keyword " Website designing " we would say it just waste of time. because “website designing” is a informational key word most of the people who search for that keyword needs to know information about website design. But if You can rank Your website for keyword such as " website design packages" this is a transactional keyword the one who doing search using this keyword needs to know the price of website design which means he is more closer to do a transaction.

Why us ?

We will find best profitable and transactional keyword for You website which will help You to rank in the google with in few days.

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