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Google translation vs human translators

Here are some quotes in English translated via Google. So, all you translators, anything wrong with Google translated verb below:

English: My worst selling gig is of me singing
Google in Danish: Min værste salgsstudie er af mig at synge
Google in Japanese: 私の最悪の売りは私の歌です
Google in Polish: Mój najgorszy koncert jest dla mnie śpiewem

English: My dog ate my homework.
Google in Arabic: اكل كلبي واجبي
Google in Italian: il mio cane mangiava i compiti
Google in Greek: ο σκύλος μου έφαγε την εργασία μου

English: Mary had a little lamb
Google in Urdu: میریم کے پاس ایک چھوٹی بھیڑ تھی


I’m not a translator but you could get an idea how good it might be by translating it back to English with Google Translate:

eg. (not right order)
“My worst selling is my song”
“My worst sales study is for me to sing”
“My worst concert is for me to sing”
“My dog ate my job”
“Eating my dog ​​is my duty”
“my dog ​​was eating tasks”
“Maryam had a small crowd”


This reminds me of an experiment some did when they were translating a sentence from one language to English using Google and then taking the translation and converting back to English. I mainly use Google Translate to get a general idea of what’s being said.

If I’m using it to communicate with someone that doesn’t understand written English well then I will go through the translated copy to make sure the proper information is communicated; i.e. adjusting terms accordingly.

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This is pure comedy gold.

I tried it, and the when going from English to other, and then back finally to English, yielded the same results every time.

“i dont mek sell, two weaks, plz halp me and give work for me, Dear.”

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I’m starting to wonder with horror now if all my ex-girlfriends emails and text messages (which I slightly stalkery intercepted) were actually as damning as Google led me to believe!


Mary had a little lamb in Bangla

it’s a complete disaster lol, I put the output on the 1st box, you can see the result :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

God Bless Mary!!


Oh, my gawd! :scream:

All this time, I thought Mary was a person!

Live and learn. Live and learn.


The Urdu one is perfectly correct… Dont know about the others tho.

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Perfectly correct as in it translates to

  • Mary had a small lamb or

  • Maryam had a small crowd

Or it makes sense in Urdu?

This. Lamb and crowd has same word in Urdu but different pronunciation. That’s why the reverse has that crowd word instead of lamb.

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I second that. The Urdu translation is perfectly fine.

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And, you just proved the point a human translator is better. Google can’t explain that, only a person can. :slight_smile: