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Google your gig descriptions


Fellow sellers, take five minutes of your free time, do a copy paste on your gig description and paste it on google. You will be amazed on how many sellers on fiverr can be found that actually “stole” your descriptions.

When I did searched for mine description. I found 3 sellers that copied my “Social Media Gig” and another three that copied my “Photography Watermark” descriptions. I even found some that stole partial items from my portfolio. They were all reported to customer support.


You are not alone. I discovered this long ago. They are more than 10 of them who found it too difficult to write their own gig descriptions for decided to copy mine word for word. Some even copied my FAQs. CS will deal with them all.


I’m clean… nobody copied my Gigs :slight_smile:


AWESOME! But when some of the new “experts” realize that having a gig like your converts, they will copy it. Do reverse search once in a few months. :))


I had never bothered to search before, but I recently accidentally stumbled over one who used my former _profile tex_t as ‘hers’ (stock photo office lady),
reported, as they also (well, as my profile text) claim to be CET and their local time is far from that, but it´s still up.
I don´t even mind the stolen gig descriptions quite that much (personally, it still sucks, and sucks for buyers who are led astray by that of course) but stolen profile texts, FAQ bio bits and the like I really take very personal. Effing make up a fake identity, if you need one.


I should check if somebody used my profile text.

There are a lots of copycats. :frowning:


@gig_freak I will definitely check my gig description. I had no idea that we can search our gig description. Thank you for sharing this.


First two hits on a first search brought up a review of Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition and an article about the downside of warp drives.

My gig descriptions are safe, I think. They’re apparently much too weird.


If you are designer, do a reverse search of your graphics, because I found some of them also stolen. :slight_smile:


Hahhahahaha! DARK SOULS :smiley:


Not just on Fiverr! I’ve seen my old gig description on other freelancing platforms.


OMG!!! I did that and look who STOLE my Gig!

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If someone had stolen my stuff on Fiverr ( eg gig images etc). Should I report him to cs?


You should, because stealing stuff is never okay.


I did that and now I am laughing my head off. If it were just for gig description then it was normal. But someone has copied my:
Gig description
Profile image
Gig image
and even my username

My whole profile is as it is on another platform.
Even my FAQs and the note at the end of my gig description is copied.


lol @deluxewriting (20 char…)


Good thing they can´t copy our reviews at least. Unless they link back to our gigs ‘Look at my good reviews on fiverr!’ -_-


hahaha, It’s a possibility. Who knows to what extent they can go to scrap some bucks. Then will have angry buyers on the forum who bought an impersonated gig on another website.


Yes, I did that.You should do it also.


It’s very bothering! Somedays ago I found my logo design gig cover was copied. I really shocked to saw it. After that, I have changed the gig cover.