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Gosh An Order! Getting Tired Of Orders!

Typo warning: using my phone whilst walking the dog!

Besides all the desperate statements of how people seem not to be able to get orders, I wonder if there other sellers who get tired of getting orders so now and then.

I have to admit that Fiverr opened some doors outside the platform for me. I’m very grateful for this and it also lessens the time I actually have to do business here. More often than not my heart sinks when I get an e-mail from Fiverr and I find out that somebody wants a custom offer. I already added to my gigs the maximum amount of work I do here on Fiverr in order not get too large orders.

Just today I received a request for an order around the $100,- and as the weather was too warm and because of the weekend, I decided to think about if I am willing to take this potential order into consideration.

I know that there are new sellers who consider me an asshole when I slap them on the fingers because of their desperate behavior and that some of them are blaming established sellers that they not getting a chance. But it actually happens that I ask a buyer to look at one of the newbies and an hour later they are back, stating that they don’t want them.

However, are there sellers here who experience it that they are getting tired of getting orders or request? Or do I have a luxury problem. As I said, Fiverr is just a tiny bit of a source of income for me.

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You are not alone. I would love to be able to block $5 orders.

Well, I’ve been on limit order feature for 2-3 months now, still work 12-14 hours a day because old clients still order and I can’t say no to them. I want to have a 1-month’s break where I do no work, but am scared that if that happens, I may end up getting a permanent break…so I keep working. Still to go for an eye checkup. If the folks here remember, I opened a thread a month back saying I would be on a break from July 5th…well it is July 23rd and still no break. Booked for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully will get a week off after that.

But thing is life as a free-lancer is uncertain, you can’t get away for a couple of months and come back and get the same amount if work as before. I have taken a big risk by using the limit order feature for 2-3 months and taking off my main gig off Fiverr search, but had to, otherwise things would have become unmanageable for me.

@writer99025 If you raise prices high enough you will eventually slow orders way down. You won’t turn buyers away with what you say, they’ll just find someone else. As far as the time off and your bunches of eye exams and hair cuts, Fiverr seems to be a hobby for you, so no harm in taking time off. If I was in your situation I’d be out all of July for Nanowrimo camp.

As to @mariokluser. I need the funds from Fiverr, especially bigger sales from regulars which are coming more often. Even with needing it and enjoying most of what I do, I do sometimes cringe at badly times order. Like. I’m working on big 40 hours job and it’s my 4th open but my limit is set to 5. Usually I’ll finish one before I get another order. Then suddenly a regular buts a $60 time-consuming gig and pays for extra fast. At those moments I see $$$$ fighting with the video gaming day I had planned. Ugh…

I sure wish they’d just roll packages out to everyone so you actually could. It seems like they got stuck after 8-10 categories. NOW!! Please… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will get some time off after 10 days. I will think about everything - raising prices, using packages, etc.

Wow! I wonder what I am not doing right why I have no orders sometimes while you guys are getting tired of them. Please tell me the secret or is it that my gig category is flooded with sellers these days!!

Damn, I went to see an eye specialist just now and he took the day off. I will get a chance again in 15 days now.

I dread having to use packages since in my category spells don’t fit neatly and need some description. I also like having the description of what I offer be the first thing potential buyers see as I “sell” the service there.
I’m just tired of so many problematic $5 buyers.

I raised the prices and the result is the opposite. Actually this is not strange.

My categorie is flooded with sellers as well.

What a bummer!

There is no secret. Personally I just follow certain rules that I have set for myself like:
If you don’t want to be treated like a commodity, don’t act like one.
Don’t be desperate and don’t complain, you have to invent yourself a lot of times in your life. If one thing doesn’t works out go to the next and don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

It seems things don’t always go as planned. It’s funny to me to hear you because I’ve been trying to find time to get my eyes examined and a few other things for months.

Sometimes higher prices create more desire for the product.
Human nature is fascinating.

I’m on the fence with dreading new orders. I like to have them, however, at the moment I have a lot of $5 orders which people are leaving 4.5 stars for. I’ve contacted the buyers to ask why and they usually say that they would rather have not waited 6 days or that they would have liked it if I had replied to them prior to starting work to discuss their work in more detail.

I hate this. It’s a case of the $5 buyer expecting a one on one consultation about their business and their order treated as high priority when my $40-$50 buyers hardly ever cause me any problems.

Personally, I think it’s an ego thing. the $5 buyer gets offended when you don’t come across as sharing any passion for their business - which might because they quietly realize that their entire idea is a bit naff? The higher-paying buyers, on the other hand, have more confidence in their business concepts and don’t need to be treated like the toast of the world, they just want to be treated professionally and get a fantastic product.

In this case, I dread every $5 order but love anything higher. That said I’m cheffing it up most evenings now at a local restaurant so this might change if I start being strapped for time.

The El Cheapo’s are the most demanding.

$5 and $10 orders are my bread-and-butter. Keep 'em coming.

Yes! They leave 4.5 stars. There is some psychology at play. They do not really expect to be happy with what they get before they even place the order and they need to confirm their bias, so they leave the 4.5 stars.

To leave a 5 star review would be admitting they were wrong.