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Gosh!It's really hard for newcommers!

I have been in Fiverr for a month now. Initially I used to get some orders,but for a week or so, I am struggling a lot.

I guess getting established in fiverr is a bit hard :frowning:

Hi…you used to get some orders (like, less than nine I assume) and only 1 customer bothered to review your service? Try converting each sale into a positive review…without being to demanding towards the client :slight_smile:

You may have around 10 orders completed already but if only one customer has reviewed their experience with you, chances are your prospects will avoid your gigs due to lack of positive feedback track :slight_smile:

It can be hard and slow in the beginning…and it takes hard work with every job… but if you hang in there you probably get rewarded. Make your gigs as attractive as possible. And positive feedback is important too. But for me actually it took off when I reached Level Two. It felt like customers meanwhile take you more serious because you are serious about your work on Fiverr. Don’t give up and check the sections where customer lokking to get certain works done.

Reply to @psychicninadia: Hmm thanx a lot… i get it… :slight_smile:

Reply to @ivyart: So hanging on does work right?..That was really helpful thanx… :slight_smile:

@ratheeshr Mostly welcome, best of luck :slight_smile:

Reply to @psychicninadia:Thanx and same to u :slight_smile:

yes I agree its hard. That’s why I’m trying my best that i can do to help the newcomers giving them a good start.

Reply to @profitgroup:

Please help… :frowning:

I wont mind some more opinions regarding this topic!!

It seems like you’re competing in several popular categories–maybe if you create more gigs for one specific service each, like creating a modern website design or something alone those lines you may have more orders. I also see in your profile that you have a lot of experience with designing but you don’t have gigs to match your work. Designing is one is one of the hottest categories here and I think you’re missing out by not offering specific design gigs.

Reply to @traxie2001: Thanx a lot…ill surely keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Guys I’m a newbie and I haven’t sold anything yet.I got a message from a person saying she’ll review and rate my gig for $12…what do you think?

Reply to @ghostjd: My advise for you will be to not to go for it…

Reply to @ratheeshr: Buh I’ve got no sales and no reviews so far and as far as I’ve heard you’ve gotta have at least One good review if you want to catch attention =’(

Reply to @ghostjd: Yeah…i can understand that… I am also going through similar kind of a situation… if you are so desperate for a sale or a review…you might consider using her…

But again…the genuineness of the service will be missin…so again no is my answer,…

Reply to @ratheeshr: I ain’t desperate so I think I’ll just wait it out…

Do you mind explaining to me what these are-

Impressions from Fiverr?

Clicks from impressions?

Total pageviews?

Reply to @ghostjd: Well impressions are nothing but how many times your gigs appeared in the fiverr search.

Total pageviews refers to how many times your gig page was viewed.

Clicks from impressions refers how many times your gig has been clicked.

This is what Ive understood. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Reply to @ratheeshr: Thanks a lost dost!