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GOST buyer request

GHOST GHOST GHOST or pc problems every time I open my buyer request tab, I can see few buyer request but if I instantly reload that page maximum of their buyer request gone invisible.why its happening…? Can any expert fix my issue…? I am very upset about it.


It never happened to me. I’d suggest you to clean your browser (search history, cache and cookies).
Or Try using your account on a different browser. If this doesn’t work then contact Customer Support. I hope it solves your problem Insha’Allah.

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ok…Definitely I will try it.
Which browser you use for Fiverr…? @mariamughal

Chrome is the best for Fiverr.

agree with you, but why this happening to me…?

I think there are few request. I am facing this issue too. Make sure the browser version is up to date.

my version is up yo date

low buyer request is not my measure problem,my measure problem request invisibility.

I use chrome, I regularly clean my cache as well.

Please make a separate thread for your question to avoid spamming.

:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .