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Got 1 star rating after 42 postive reviewes, need some suggestions

Hello Everyone,

Today i got first 1 star review from a buyer. And i was too disappointed. This was his second order and on 2nd order he gave me a bad rating. He didn’t place the order, i did his work and show him. He approved the work and ask me to send the offer. I did that and made the deliver. After accepting the order he leave 1 star rating. I don’t know why he did that.

When he placed the first order he didn’t left any review but on this he wrote that it was waste of time. Till now i got 41 five star review but this review drop my overall rating to 4.9.

Now gig on which i received this review have total 3 ratings. I am planning to delete that gig. Will this be helpful? I mean then my overall rating will remain to 5? Kindly guide me on this. Is it good to do this? I don’t have any seller level.

Thank you!


Deleting the gig won’t increase your overall rating. The negative review will remain on your profile forever.

The only way to increase your overall rating is to earn more 5-star reviews.


This is wrong :frowning: So i can’t do anything about this.

I’m afraid not. There’s no way for us to remove genuine negative feedback from our profiles.

You still have a great overall score, so hopefully you can bounce back from this.

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Yes, 41 five star and only this 1 rating caused a damage to me. There should be some criteria for this too. We do alot of hard work here. I have done work in low budget to get some thing positive for my profile to attract the buyers. But such, i would say cruel buyers thinks that in $5 they own us. If he wasn’t satisfied with my work then why he came to me 2nd time. And in both orders he didn’t place the order, i did his work, he said Ok and then i send him the offer.

Well. these are all experiences, will learn from this.

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That happens when u work for cheap price :wink:

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Yes i know, but with no level, its difficult to get orders. So need to keep the rates low.

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You got 41 5 star review, its time to change price, if u are able to provide content for the price.

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Yes, this is the thing and i learned my lesson.

I will improve the rates. Than you for your suggestion.