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Got 1st level in Fiverr in 10 Days

I Started using fiverr in 2015 but i got only 2-3 orders and i thought due to heavy competation i will not get orders any more because i was offering Graphics Works which have much completion itself then i never checked it , after many months i again decided to give it a try again i offer some social media services like facebook likes, twitter followers and instagram followers , i got 10 new orders from different clients and i was like WOWW Really , i done work of clients more then they required and they were so much happy now after 10 days i got my 1st Level profile here , All i want to share with you all , NEVER BREAKDOWN YOURSELFT , Keep Try and Try you will get results definitely …I am soo much happy with fiverr , let me know if i can help you with any suggestions how you can get orders and make your clients Happy

For a new seller like what advice would you give to sell. Should I share my gig on social media websites?

Always Try to fulfil clients need any make them happy , dont think about amount just do work and never mis behave with clients , always be online and response any query as soon as possible , dont be late

This is true. I opened my account in… February probably. I left it alone for a while and came back in June. Within a few days of optimizing my writing Gig, I got my first order, and within that 3 weeks, I achieved level 1 seller. It took me 6 months to become a level 2. :slight_smile:

Always hard work pay !!1 so all the best and make such more orders and earn much much $$$