Got 1st sale on FB Cover Design with tips more than order money!


Dear mates,
I can not express my feelings! Too much excited. I was so happy to see a $5 order. It was my first order. My very first fiverr order after 1 month of patience.

I was a bit nervous also. All the time I was thinking I may get cancellation or buyer may cheat. So many negative thought!

Buyer was too friendly, and continuously making revisions as I put lots of revisions. I was feeling too negative.

But few minutes ago. Buyer asked a little change. I delivered that. And then I see,

“Woohoo! Buyer has given you a $10 tips”

My order was $5. And tips is $10.
Then buyer texted me that,
“It’s really great to work with you. You’re a creative designer. Keep the good work up. And your service and communication is just amazing”

Bros and sisters/ Uncle/Aunties

Tell me how should I celebrate!!

Thanks to you all…

Once again. Woohoooooo!